Friday, December 9, 2011

Walmart and sillyness

A couple days ago I went to Walmart with my parents and was simply shocked with what I saw, to be honest I don't like shopping at walmart and don't go as often as most. I'd much rather enjoy the peaceful moments at my local health foods store where the people are sweet and the energy is much calmer LOL

So anyway back to the story, I needed some salt shakers for a craft I'm working on *more on this later* so we headed to walmart in hopes to find a couple. When I got there I couldn't believe my eyes, never had I seen so many scary sights in one visit. I just want to clarify that I'm in no way a judgmental person, I strongly believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and what not.

 I got a tad bit upset because there was a couple who happened to be in a full on make out session right in front of a mother with several young children. Their lack of respect upset me, and then I turned the corner just in time to find a lady with no shirt on! AHHH I couldn't understand what went through the minds of these people, as I made it to the checkout my cashier smelled like alcohol and made several mistakes while ringing up my order. He was dancing to himself and babbling about ancient Egypt, I couldn't decide whether to laugh or what but at that moment all I wanted to do was go home and relax!

Changing subjects now :) I was being silly the other day and took some pictures of myself getting ready for a small photo shoot for "Knitful Dezigns" I thought I'd share them since y'all are like my family hehehe

CURLERS!!!!! I seriously need to do something about my eyebrows >_< lol

smile ^_^


I hope you guys are having fun getting all your holiday stuffs ready <3 Big hugs and kisses to you all



  1. beautiful pictures...and is that walmart story real? how scary! I don't like walmart much either, but living in the country, it's the closest (and easiest) place to shop.
    - ourhometoyours

  2. Thank you Mrs. Debbi!!!!! And yes this story is 100% real this happened to me a couple days ago so I decided to blog about it lol! I still haven't fully recovered hehe

  3. Yikes! That's a wacky Walmart story, for sure. You're not the only one who's had strange experiences in Walmart, aunt has some weird stories to tell about that store, too. ;)

    Love the photos! <3

  4. AHAHAHA!!! That is hilarious xD I mean, kinds weird, but funny!! xD
    Like Taylor said- our aunt has some pretty strange stories from Walmart too ;D I myself don't mind the store; all the clothes are cute and cheep! :) Haha