Thursday, May 26, 2011

A robins nest....

Hey yall :) I should be working on an Etsy feature right now, but I'm so ecstatic of a little project I finished earlier.

When I was a little girl *about 6* I took a family trip to Bolivia, There was a sweet lady selling some handmade pottery on the street and I really wanted to take a peek. When I walked over I found the cutest pottery, one of which was a small nest with two eggs. I thought it would be a perfect gift to my mom because she had two little babies *my sister and I* I ended up buying it and giving it to her :)

To this day its my favorite decor in our home, So I decided "why not make something myself that resembles the excitement I felt that day in Bolivia?" To my delight it came out just like I wanted it to. . .

Here's a peek. . .

I Had so much fun creating this little nest :) I'm selling it on my Etsy if anyone is interested in giving it a new loving home <3 you can find it HERE

My hope is that it will bring the same excitement it did to me...

Veronica Grace


  1. This is super duper cute :D I love it! I think you should give one to your sister with a pink egg representing Hannah <3

  2. Maggie thats a GREAT idea :) im going to make one tonight to give to her :) your so awesome!!!!!!

  3. How awesome, Gracie! You did a great job - it's an adorable nest, not to mention it was inspired by a lovely story. Good luck selling it, you shouldn't need much! :D

  4. Aww thanks Taylor :) jeje i hope it sells soon too :)

  5. Oh Veronica, it is adorable! I hope it sells for you right away so that you'll make some more! When something makes you that joyful to create, I say run with it!! :)