Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weekly etsy finds

Wellps its that time of the week again ;) I hope you guys had a great week...

The theme for this weeks etsy finds are SWEETS *__*

Starting off with The talented Joy Light from Joyflowers is this beautiful purple silk scarf that reminds me of eating grape laffy taffy with my sister when I was little :)
find it HERE
Next is this gorgeous necklace from Claire over at Blue White Wear, this necklace seriously brought back a childhood memory of eating smarties (colorful candy coated chocolate) a little bit flatter and rounder than m&m's
Find it HERE
Then I found this ADORABLE bow by Danielle from ChickyD's and it just oozes that colorful, playful and sweet feel which candy also gives ;)
Find them HERE

OOOOO and last but not least are these incredibly gorgeous stitch markers by Sandy over at Sandyvern which are actually my favorite kind of sweet ;)
Find them HERE

I hope y'all enjoyed this feature <3 Have a great weekend!!!



  1. Thanks - great theme and the perfect items!

  2. wow, now I got a hankering for candy, lol. great post.
    - ourhometoyours

  3. Haha, such great finds! That scarf is gorgeous, and the bows are too cute. :) So fun to see what they all remind you of! :D

  4. Nice feature!! Thank you! Love the theme!

  5. Laffy Taffy, that's funny! My favorite is Good n Plenty! Thanks!