Wednesday, March 30, 2011

will be MIA

Helloo to all my lovies out there ;) Sorry for not posting these last couple of days.... Ive been packing and getting ready for a move which will officially take place tomorrow!!! Soo until about the first weekend after April 1st I will be M.I.A! I have been so busy packing and what not I feel like I haven't even had enough time to breath >_< eeek...

I've never been so exhausted, but I'm hoping things will calm down as soon as I get to my destination jeje How have you all been, good I hope??? With the weather being the way it is here I haven't been able to get outside *but i know this will change very soon* according to a very reliable source I hear that the weather in Florida is pretty nice right now! YAY.... I dont know about yall but transition is hard for me, this move has been the most emotional one yet, something that dosnt make sense to me is that everytime I move it gets worse instead of better. Having grown up in a military home I moved quite a bit so I should be used to this... Unfortunately im not! Well enough about that, I dont want to bore you with my complaining. I can breath, walk, and talk so I have absolutely nothing to complain about!!!!

I hope you guys have an amazing rest of the week, (i hope im back on her before them though) Ill miss reading all your blogs and super sweet comments jeje toodles for now sweet friends <3

"Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard." - Dave Mustaine.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Live and Love

So just as I promised I'm here to show you a WONDERFUL gift I received in the mail yesterday from the amazing Mrs. Cathy at HeadPinWear. She noticed my strong love and passion for Turquoise and sent me the most BEAUTIFUL pair of African turquoise earrings.. YAY!!!!

So you can only imagine how excited ecstatic I was, I took some pictures to show you her amazing jewelry skill, I looove her shop. You all have to check it out sometime ;) 

I must say it again, and again, and again jeje Thank you so so much Mrs. Cathy for the wonderful gift :) I absolutely <3 it!

I also want to take this opportunity to share this little song (which im sure you all know) that has helped cheer me up a lot lately!!! I loved this song from the very first time i heard it. I think it was a singing fish that my dad's friend had in his office jejeje. Well toodles for now and remember....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Packing up and moving away...

 I'm a bit sad these days because I'm getting ready for a move to Florida, I currently live in North Carolina... This is where I was raised, I'm a Carolina girl! The cold winters and blazing summers have grown on me big time... so here are a couple pictures of me goofing off (instead of packing) jeje <3

I also have some pretty amazing etsy products I've been meaning to snap pictures of to show you :) Lovely goodies from amazing shops <3

An amazing pink sugar tart from the lovely Tora candles!

To much blue/turquoise for my closet? I think not...

This is me showing you how frustrated packing makes me jaja <3

Yawning because packing is such HARD work!!!

THE MOST AMAZING PERFUME OILS from the one and only 13GypsiesPerfumery
The cutest bobby pin ever, from my the totally fabulous Gwiderella this was a gift from her :) THANK YOU SOO SOO MUCH HEIDI! I LOOOVE IT!

These are the earrings I purchased from Gwiderella, and that is the amazing bobby pin, and super cute box she sent me! YAY I sooo <3 this!
This is all I have for you right now, but stay tuned for some Amazing pictures of the most awesome gift I received from my favulous friend at HeadPinWear :) YAY

Toodles for now :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring oo spring :)

I ave some exciting news :) I've been featured in my first Etsy treasury!!! This is very exciting news to me, Its made by JKARTS who paints some pretty awesome paintings.

The treasury is a mixture of spring and Easter gifts with a variety of colorful goodies... I'm so looking forward to Easter (I loove pastels jeje) Do any of you have any interesting Easter get together ideas? I want to do something fun like maybe a Easter egg hunt for my family and friends, but I'd love some creative ideas if you can spare any!!! Well that is about all I have for today... Here is the treasury if you are interested in taking a peek <3 Toodles

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blabbering :)

I usually have a whole topic or idea planned out before I blog, but this time I'd like to seperate some time to share some amazing giveaways that a couple of my favorite blogs are hosting (YAY) So you can all have a dandy time winning wonderful things jaja <3

One of my favorite blogs which you have all seen me mention once or twice is ForestFaery who has amazing photographs, and gorgeous friendship bracelets in her etsy shop.  She is having a Fabulous Spring Giveaway which has many a goodies in store... So run on over there and join in!!!

Friendship Bracelets for Japan

Another amazing blog friend of mine Headpinwear is having a fabulous giveaway which you must checkout because its ending on the 26th of this month :) woopieee! She has the most beautiful Jewelry ever (seriously) in her etsy shop. So Hop in in there and take a peek or two, You'll be happy you did <3 


As you well know I'm CRAZY about turquoise, this is one of my faves in her store :) YAY

These are the two major giveaways that I can think of at the moment... If I see any other awesome one's I will let you all know :) Until then toodles for now!

Enjoy these awesome giveaways!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mini Giveaway Winner :)

SoOoO today is one of many important things :)

It is the first day of spring YAY, annnnd it is also the day to announce the winner of the mini giveaway!!! I've entered the numbers in the as I like to call it "random frandom machine". Sooo with no further delay I'm here to announce the winner..... MRS. ANGIE COLLINS!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS... YAY!!!!!!!!! I hope you all had fun and I can't wait to host another one soon for others to have a chance at winning too :)

I Hope you all had a wonderful first day of spring... Let me know one of things you are looking forward to most this spring/summer???? Toodles for now <3

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We love Japan...

First let me start off and thank everyone who commented on my last blog post :) All those comments made me smile something fierce!

Also I wanted to bring up a well known topic which everyone has been talking about... Japan :) My heart really goes out to those people. They have been through so much that I truly feel the need to reach out. Many other blogs and etsians I know are joining in as well... Forestfaery is one of them (go check out her amazing (friendship bracelets). I have also set up a listing in my etsy shop where 100% of the proceeds will go to Japan relief. you can check that out here. I call it the "bashful beanie",  I'm hoping to sell 10 of them, each beanie is 20 (shipping included) and if i sell all 10 that would be 200 for an amazing cause!!!

Please help out if you can, and if you cant post it on your facebook or twitter or if your feeling extremely excited go ahead and post it on your blog <3

Well I think thats all I have for today :) oooo I also had an artsy inspiration time with some pictures today... every once in a while I'll get excited with the editing... here they are <3

Toodles for now

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stylish blogger award :)

Soo today was a little hectic and crazy for me. I pulled an all nighter because I needed to drive my cousin to the airport this morning, and for some odd crazy reason I decided I wouldnt sleep so I could wake up faster???  My logic is somewhat distorted here haha ^_^ So I wasnt able to get back to sleep which means i've been awake for more than 24 hours.

 To make it worse I'm getting ready to move to Florida in a couple weeks and I'm not even half packed yet. Geessh

But to my delight as soon as I got back on to the computer Sara from Simply sarafina paints let me know that she chose me for the Stylish Blog award :) This was definitely the highlight of my day, she has the most amazing artwork in her etsy shop which you must all go and see for yourselves!!!

Now as a part of winning this award I need to share 7 random facts about myself, this is going to be hard because nothing random pops into my head at the moment but ill try my best. So here I go. . .

1. When I turned 16 I slowly developed a passion for flying. I wanted to have the freedom to roam the sky's like a bird, so soon after I began my crazy endeavor of learning to fly. Getting a pilots license has been the most challenging thing in my life so far. There are so many things that began to change about me when I started to fly. One of those things was learning to get over a fear of the unknown, I've had the opportunity to meet some amazing people who have taught me the true meaning of bravery, to be brave does not mean your not frightened, it simply means you don't let the fear win. Every brave person is still afraid. They just don't let the fear win...

2. Since the first one was so long im going to make these smaller jaja... I dream of learning italian and moving away to Italy and opening a bakery :)

3. I had a silly stage in my life where everything i owned was hello kitty. I loved it so much that even my pancakes were shaped in a hello kitty pan i bought at Sanrio.... The problem with that was it went on until like my junior year of high school, that was an embarrassing stage in my life >_< what can I say though i still love it... jaja

4. I have an addiction to the color turquoise, Its scary shopping on etsy because when I see anything turquoise I usually say "I must have it" that's no good because everything turquoise on etsy is FABULOUS!

5. When I started this Blog I had this fear that no one would ever read anything I posted jejeje I was dumbfounded when I had my first follower and first comment! I felt like the world had been given to me :) Thank you to all my amazing friends I've met on here for supporting me!

6. I think I've moved at least 7 or 8 times in my life... as I get older it gets harder >_< Moving makes me feel old!!! jaja

7. OOO My favorite thing to drink is chai tea over ice... To me its like heaven in a glass. If you ever want to win me over you can get me one of those :) Ill be your bestie for ever jejeje! I hope i didnt bore you all... Thanks for sticking with me while i write all of this!!!!!


Here's the rules:

1. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog.

2. Share 7 random facts

3. Share the blog love!

The 3 people I've decided to pass this on to are:
Heart-Felt Yarn Wreaths
Mr. and Mrs. Smith 
Twilight Taggers

I could have chosen so many more :)  THANKS AGAIN SARA :) im so honored that you chose me!!!!!!!!

Toodles for now :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

mini giveaway :)

YAY Thank you to all you amazing people now following and to those who have spread the word :) I now have 20 followers yeeehaw.. When I started this blog I had no idea I would get this many followers...

So in honor of you amazing folks out there I've decided to do a mini giveaway :)

The winner will receive 1 mini bow clip with the color of your choice... To enter all you need to do is leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite item is in my shop... Make sure you leave me an email address to contact you with when you win :) It will end on March 20th... Spread the word if you'd like :)

Thanks again for all your support, I <3 yall!

Veronica Grace

Sunday, March 13, 2011


On a serious note.... I know my blogs are usually silly little things about my Etsy or about my weather complaints, but I'd like to take it up a notch to a more personal level for once if I may. This is probably going to be a longer blog than what I usually write so please hang in there for me :) I need your advice...

I have something that weighs pretty heavy on my heart lately... Its about LOVE. I've noticed so many people (mostly young) abuse the word love "relationship wise" i say it like that because I am known for saying "O I love this necklace or O I love that dress" but I've even felt the damage it does when someone tells you they love you and then instantly create an itching doubt about the matter.

For example If a guy tells a girl he loves her and then that girl finds out a couple days later that he has a steady girlfriend that hes been dating for a LOOONG time would that seem odd to you?! Be honest with me hehehe...

I dont know about you guys, but if I was the guys girlfriend than I wouldnt like to know that "my man" is going around telling girls he loves them. Even if it were in a sisterly way shouldn't he clarify? I hope it doesn't sound silly that I ask this, but I'd truly love your input on the whole thing :)

Thanks again to all my new followers for joining in the fun, just for your info I don't usually write about stuff like this! jejeje Toodles for now...

<3 Veronica Grace

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bittersweet updates ;)

So as I promised here are the pictures of the bow in my last topic, here is the finished product :)
And after much thought and advice I've decided to name it..... Bittersweet :) Thank you to those who helped me make the decision (forestfairy and sara)

It is now for sale in my etsy shop if you wish to purchase it ;)

Thanks again for stopping by, let me know what you think about my newest addition... Toodles

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bitter sweet bitterness?

I recently started working on a hair bow that is pink with a couple different shades of green, and as I began looking for what to name it  and the only thing that came to mind was "bitter sweet". I dislike it because who wants a bow called bitter sweet, but I also liked it because its unique and I don't know a lot of hair bows out there with that name. So pretty much the outcome of my decision was also bittersweet. sheesh *_*

Those of you that also make handmade creations and have the opportunity to name them, I hope you have an easier time with it than I do!!!  It usually depends on what I'm working on, the Valentines collection I did this year was a piece of cake :) I had so much fun with those... I haven't sold them all yet so if you want to check them out they are still available. I'm trying to get rid of them to bring in new items. If you do decide to buy them use the coupon code VAL11 for 15% off  your purchase. YAY

So back to my bittersweet problem, ill post a photo of the bow on here when i finish it up so you can all tell me what name you think suits it best :) Thanks again loviess... Toodles for now

Photo 1, 2

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The blues, giveaways and wrinkly faces!

Sadly when the weather decides to be crummy i tend to feel a bit blue, I'm not sure if any of you go through the same. Today was no different until it stopped raining :) i went outside and to my delight it appeared that someone had painted the tops of the mountainous pine trees orange! It was the most beautiful and amazing thing i had ever seen :) I regret not taking a picture though....

On the bright side one my fellow etsians *hehehe* Headpinwear (who was also the winner of my giveaway YAY) is having a giveaway of her own! AWESOMNESSSSSS soo go check it out and enter to won 25$ dtore credit! YAYAYAYAY thats enough to make me go banainaesss... so hop on over and sign up :) you could be the next lucky winner Hoorawwh! Here is a picture just for the fun of it. Just smile everyone, toodles for now...
My mom said i look old and wrinkly in this picture, jejeje i sort of think shes right. Next time i wont make wrinkly faces :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011


CATHY FROM HEAD PIN WEAR!!!! Congratulations girlieee :) Thanks again everyone who entered the giveaway :) I hope to do another one very soon, so stay tuned. Cathy's shop is simply amazing so check it out if you have the time. It is full of wonderful, beautiful, tempting things!

This is my personal favorite from her etsy shop... (you can click the picture to go to her store)

My etsy shop giveaway :)

Who doesn't love giveaways???? Well today is the LAST day to enter my giveaway to win any 1 item of your choice from my etsy shop. Soooo come on over check it out, and leave a comment of your FAVORITE ITEM IN MY ETSY SHOP.

 I just love doing giveaways for my wonderful followers and friends! So don't miss out.... if you would like you can follow me on here and leave a comment below of your favorite item and i will enter you as well :) Im a pretty simple person with really simple rules "why make things complicated right" the rules are fairly simple, just make sure you leave me a way to contact you if you win. Thanks again loviess! Ill announce the winner tonight at 9 est. Toodles for now...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Open your eyes

Today was a nice enough day to get outside and take a nice walk. To my delight all i had to do was open my eyes to see so much beauty around me. I never realized how much good the spring does to nature until now, I could literally see the tree branches dancing and birds singing in sync to one another.

One thing that utterly fascinated me were the woodpeckers, I never liked them until now. They work so diligently on making a simple hole in the side of a tree that i felt embarrassed about things in my life i don't persevere enough in. There is so much to learn from nature if you simply open your eyes :)

I took these pictures of things that spiked my curiosity on my walk. I hope you enjoy them...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

to be or not to be

So far the weather has been playing a horrid game of hot and cold.
 I don't know about you guys but it's starting get quite annoying. It's making me have a hard time deciding what to wear, this may sound crazy but the weather messes up my inner fashion genius jejeje. I consider myself to be up high in the group of "fashion-ably challenged folks". So this weather is not helping any :)

Getting away from that, its nice to see flowers blooming and green grass. I stumbled upon a few pictures of a trip i took last summer to South America, It makes me crave the summer heat!!!!

So this is what i have to say to the weather