Monday, November 28, 2011

Staying sane

Hello lovies, It's been forever since I've posted about me and what I've been up to.

Life decided to be crazy and I'm just now getting a breather... For the last 3 months I've been struggling with many health issues, Ive practically been living at the doctors and I can't say its been easy! I've missed reading and commenting on all of your lovely blogs especially the ones who always remind me of the balance I need to keep in life.
this is how life makes me feel sometimes LOL

Thank you to everyone who's sweet emails and encouraging words have kept me going these last couple of months. I'm waiting for an ultra sound, a couple x-rays and some blood work to get back to me before I can resume to my "regular" pace again LOL Other than that I've been doing well, any free time I've had has been spent at the gym, knitting or in a book studying for some final exams coming up soon.

I hope y'alls Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL and that you've managed to stay sane through all the holiday rush hehehe What kinds of things are you doing to get ready for the upcoming holidays???

I've missed you all so much and can't wait to hear how you've been doing :) In the meantime here are some new projects Knitful Dezigns have been working on <3


Pin cushion

Puddle the piggie

popper the penguin

owl hat

braided headband

bugs bunny hat

Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekly etsy finds

HAPPY "LATE" THANKSGIVING <3 I hope you all had a lovely and blessed thanksgiving. Some of this weeks etsy finds are *hint hint on sale* as it is black friday and through cyber monday. YAY!!!!!!!  So I will be sharing those coupon codes with you. ENJOY

First off I found this gorgeous knee high dress by the lovely Faith at Stitch Princess. Her shop is having a black Friday and cyber Monday sale : Black Friday Free Shipping coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY
Cyber Monday 20% off coupon code: CYBERMONDAY (enter code at checkout)

What I love most about this dress are the intricate flower details and the beautiful scarlet color.

You can find it HERE

Next on our list is this gorgeous crochet wine carrier by Ellen over at Gmaellen, I don't know about your family but mine drinks quite a bit of wine on the holidays (all in good cheer) It is good for the heart, and you seriously cant take wine away from Italians... I'm telling you *YOU JUST CANT* lol this carrier is the perfect gift to give to someone you know who appreciates a nice bottle of wine ;)

You can find it HERE

Lastly I found this enchanting hair clip by the talented Poison Garden (who is also having a sale: Starting BLACK FRIDAY-CYBERMONDAY: Use coupon code HOLIDAYEXTRA and receive 30% off your purchase)

I can picture myself wearing this beautiful clip to a upcoming holiday party, and I just LOVE the colors *sigh*

You can find it HERE

I hope you enjoyed this weeks etsy finds <3 Enjoy the rest of your thanksgiving weekend!!!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

this weeks etsy finds

I've had to wake up very early every morning this week to make it to my yoga and stretch classes so I definitely felt chills with the weather getting down in the 40's... So this weeks theme are colors that remind me of WINTER!!! Enjoy these awesome shops and features... Before going on I'd like to share something I read today that holds so much truth and wanted to share with y'all

In the next couple weeks when you're sifting through the Black Friday Ads for the big box stores, don't forget to think about us small handmade businesses willing and wanting to give you an amazing experience during that big weekend. The big stores don't care if you shop with them, but each one of us artisans eagerly waits to meet your needs. Think about the single mom of three kids staying up late to finish batches of soaps in hopes it'll buy this year's holiday gifts. Think about the college grad student trying to find time to make her jewelry in hopes that it will put food on the table next week. Think about that little kid excited to share his artwork in hopes that he'll help Mommy and Daddy make ends meet this year. To the big commercial stores, you're a dollar sign. To artisans, you make a difference in our lives. This holiday season, spread the love and shop handmade. - ♥ Cat

Starting off this week I found this beautiful ring at Irith's gorgeous shop Riorita, The depth of color here speaks to me... The kyanite stone is known for its
powerful energy and not to mention stunning beauty, while it used to be sold as only a piece of jewelry it is now said that the longer you keep the stone within your aura the better, You can find it HERE
Next I found this gorgeous pair of pearl and aquamarine earrings from CK silver, Aqua marine is considered to be the stone of courage and serenity!!! I love the cool feeling it gives combined with the pearls. You can find them HERE

Our third spot is the lovely Danielle's shop ChickyD's. This bows colors remind me of the cold snowy days I loved so much in North Carolina the dark blue sky and tree bark were the only things with color after the snow fell :) Isn't it gorgeous??? 
You can find it HERE

Last but not least is this gorgeous off white with blue rug by Ellen and her shop GMaEllen crochet, I admire the lovely handiwork put into it. I would never have patience to create something so gorgeous LOL... The combination of the two colors are simply extravagant, I can picture a frozen lake with snow falling and sipping hot chocolate while digging my toes into such a lovely rug *sigh*  You can find it HERE
I hope you enjoyed this weeks BEST team feature and etsy finds <3 If you'd like your shop featured and could use some more exposure stop by, we love new faces and meeting lovely crafters like yourself.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weekly etsy finds

I hope y'all excuse my absence, I'm sorry I haven't been as up to date as I should. I have a lot going on right now and would definitely appreciate any positive vibes and prayers sent my way!

Now onto this weeks etsy finds :) My theme is very autumn/thanksgiving based, ENJOY

First I stumbled upon this gorgeous light brown suede journal by the lovely Shirley from The Orange Windmill, this reminds me pecan pie and sitting down on the couch with my dad enjoying great company and conversation. Just look at the lovely colors, I can literally feel it through my screen.

You can find it HERE

Next I stopped by Annie's gorgeous shop Empty On the Inside and quickly fell in love with this gorgeous card of a very diverse pumpkin patch. This would make a great thank you card or even a great invitation for thanksgiving party's and what not, I enjoy having friends over for thanksgiving when my family isn't around.

You can find it HERE

(p.s Annie is having an AWESOME 10% off sale that will be good until the 14th, the code is "egholiday")

My third stop was Kirsten's nostalgic shop called Absolutely Kismet filled with gorgeous pieces of jewelery, wine charms and such. My pick for today is this beautiful brightly colored orange necklace. This necklace is perfect for attending holiday party's, you'll be the belle of the ball ;)

You can find it HERE

Last but not least we CANNOT forget our significant others (MEN I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN YOU) The lovely Mrs. Debbi and Amanda from Our Home to yours made this beautiful or should I say stylish *sorry guys, I know you don't want to feel beautiful* slouchy beanie. Look If there is one winter/fall staple I cannot live without it is these amazing slouchy beanies. Get one for your man, He'll be so happy I promise ;) And this will match the necklace above so y'all can look fascinatingly awesome at your party's.

You can find it HERE

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks etsy finds, come back next week for new awesome shops and gorgeous picks. HUGS TO YOU ALL

This feature is for the BEST team (BOOSTING ESTY SHOPS TEAM) and we are always accepting new awesome shops. If your interested in joining please click here for more info. We love new people so please don't be bashful ;)


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A blue day

Today is a sad day for me, As I watch suitcases being packed and rooms being emptied I sit here with the realization that I dont know when Ill see my sister and Hannah again. If you've been following my blog since day 1 or for a while now than you know all about my niece hannah and how shes become like a daughter to me. Ive never cared for a child as much as I do for her and I cant imagine having a place in my heart for another baby, but of course this is coming from someone who doesnt have any children of her own.

I'm sure one day I'll understand the love of a mother more clearly, my heart hasn't been in this much pain since getting in a plane and leaving my fiance about 2 years ago. The pain of saying goodbye seems to haunt me, Just when I'm beginning to get used to living without someone another extremely important and valuable person(s) leaves my life without much of a goodbye or farewell.

This is one of the reasons I haven't been posting as often, I tried spending as much time with Hannah and my sister as I could but time just didn't seem to go slow enough for me. I honestly thought this day would never come but in less than 4 hours another piece of my heart will be in a plane to another destination. Its so hard to wake up in the morning and know this is the last time in a while I'll see her, shes so happy and playful not knowing what lies ahead. I wish I could feel the same way!

Im sorry for being so blue and dumping all this on y'all, I needed to vent some of this because it just seems to much to handle right now! Ill leave you all with some recent pictures of Hannah being the wonderful and carefree spirit that she is <3


kisses from me and from her :)

hot chocolate

pondering and imagining


we are "potty training"

I hope you all have a great rest of the week, If I'm MIA for a while you'll know why hehehe HUGS

Gracie <3