Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Brave and free

If you've been reading my blog for a while perhaps you've picked up on how much I appreciate the brave men and woman who fight for our freedom, today I have a little something different on my mind. Please bear with me as I share what has been quite heavy on my mind and heart these past few weeks. Here is last years 4th of July post if your interested <3

What is independence? Is it having the choice to do what you will, or perhaps its the feeling you get when you complete something without the help of anyone. For many people this might be true, and for others it might not. Independence might even mean having the will to wake up in the morning and live another day.

The land of the free and the home of the brave, these words mean much more than meets the eye. When I hear that little phrase I take a minute to think of all those who aren't yet brave and free. How about all the others here in America who don't feel this applies to them, what can we do to make others feel brave and free?

How about putting a stop to abuse, violence, being judgmental and bullying. The list could go on forever, but my point is that we being Americans must display and portray courage and freedom by being an example to the rest. Shine your light on this wonderful day by being brave and free and by helping those who haven't yet experienced the same!!!

xoxo, Gracie

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Updates and what not

Hello all :) I hope all is well, O how I've missed blogging here... life has gotten extremely busy on my all of a sudden.

To catch you all up here is a list of some things that have happened this month alone...

1. I graduated high school
2. My parents surprised me with trip to Germany for a week
3. I signed up and registered for college
4. I'm filling out applications to find a job
5. finally got around to painting my room

I'm sorry to have neglected this blog for such a long time, I thought I'd also share a cute new addition to my shop which I've completely fallen in love with these days. Its a purse/reusable shopping bag *because you can fit so much in it*

Here are a few photos of it for you

I love the colors so much

cute isnt it?
 I'm also working on a few new things which I will share with y'all as soon as they are finished :)

I would love to know how you are all doing, thank you for always being sweet to me and keeping in touch... I need to get back to a few amazing people who really reached out and made my month much more bearable even through so much stress...

xoxo, Gracie

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring in your step

Hello my lovelies! I'm so excited with some upcoming events in my life I just had to share it with y'all :) I've decided to get more involved with the community and try new things I wouldn't normally try. Most of y'all know I had a pretty hard time getting "acclimated" to Florida, well I really feel that things are finally moving forward and I'm enjoying every new step.

I signed up for a 5k run for cancer on May 12 :) I am so very excited for this since I have never entered any kind of running marathon, I've made some new friends which will also be doing the run with me.

I would love any advice for training since I have no clue where to begin, Ive been doing some light training on the treadmill at the gym but that's about it.

I hope you all are doing well!!!! Peace to you all...

Gracie <3

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hello World :)

Its been months since I've been on blogger :) HELLO TO ALL MY BLOGGIE FRIENDS, O how I've missed you all so!!!

My life has been pretty steady lately, not much excitement or drama for that matter. I've been doing a lot of soul searching and have decided It would be fun to start blogging again.

I Hope you all had an amazing Easter or Passover (whichever you celebrate)

Its so nice to see spring has finally sprung here in Florida, I've already seen 5 snakes in less than a week here in my yard EWWW!!!!

I have some fun new DIY I can't wait to share with yall and some exciting natural bath and beauty tips I've picked up <3 I hope to get back into reading all your lovely blogs again...


Gracie <3

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunny days

Things are beginning to heat up here in sunny Florida. Its nice to finally feel the suns hot rays, normally I don't enjoy standing out in the sun but these last cold harsh days have finally taken a toll on me! On my way to the gym I heard an old familiar sound that brightened my day completely... SEAGULLS!!!


I absolutely love the sound those birds make, they bring back so many fun memories of going to the beach with my family. For one week every spring/summer we would get ready for our 2 hour drive to the beach, Fort fisher to be exact, my sister and I would seriously start preparing a month or two in advance for our "big" vacation. A couple days prior we would begin our yearly spring cleaning to get everyone in the mood. We would also start making salads, sandwiches, and cutting plenty of watermelon for the trip. Once we were in the car and on the road my dad would blast his favorite beach boys CD and that would be the beginning of our  awesome trip!

Now that I only live 30 minutes away I can't wait to have my own little vacation to the beach while blasting some good ole beach boys hits ;)


Monday, January 30, 2012

a new season

I've been gone for a while and have had time to think about a lot of stuff. I didn't like the direction my blog was taking so I took a break and have finally decided to come back :)

So many things have happened since I left, in the beginning of January I contacted the amazing Melinda from Inspiration earth so she could give me advice so I could to begin a new journey in my life. I am now a vegetarian (for a whole month)!!! YAY Its been hard but I feel so amazing, I cant thank Mrs. Melinda enough for giving me such great advice and confidence.

I took a trip to North Carolina to visit all my friends and family and had a blast, it was so nice to see everyone I've missed so dearly! Maybe some time soon I can visit Bequer (my fiance) this march will be 2 years I haven't seen him. He told me he might come visit in September, this would be AMAZING <3 So I definitely have my fingers crossed.

I know I lightly brushed on being in and out of the doctors office for my thyroid, some doctors said I needed meds and others said I didn't so they finally referred me to an endocrinologist. Thank goodness she found the problem and I am now on meds and have lost some weight and feel less depressed and anxious. I'm so thankful for having the opportunity to see and actual endo! After YEARS of having my weight fluctuate for no reason it feels good to finally know this might be it.

I hope I haven't bore y'all to death yet hehe! Here are some new pictures of whats been going on in my life while Ive been gone...

How have you guys been???


My parents on their anniversary and my birthday <3

awee <3

my dad and I on my birthday

I live him! heehe

this is my baby emerald

my cousin carolina in NC

my friend april cousin and I

the three of us again :)

my niece xian <3

thumbs up for closed eye piccys hehe

my vintage makeup contest entry picture (fingers crossed)

a new "Knitful Dezign" this was me modeling it hehe

and I was THRILLED to find out that the gal who bought it sent me some professional photos!

Hope you guys enjoy my picture overload LOL!!!