Thursday, July 28, 2011

Deception, Devastation, and Delight

Soooo If you've all read my crazy ramblings about LUSH your pretty familiar with how much the store excites me. . . But lately I've been trying to be more natural and get away from chemicals that are harmful. With great anticipation of what I would find I began researching about some ingredients I read on the labels. I was shocked and perplexed with what I found! LUSH is supposed to be an ALL NATURAL, COMPLETELY CHEMICAL FREE COMPANY RIGHT???? YES RIGHT if your interested in reading what I read you can click HERE and HERE I find it to be disgusting and extremely deceiving! All this time Ive been wasting my money thinking I finally found the answer to perfect natural body products.

Its ok though because I have 1 AMAZING friend and 1 AMAZING company that IS completely natural. OOO what a pain it was to go through all my stuff and get rid of it all :(

I have 1 soap bar holding me over by the amazing Mrs. April from Light of the moon! And an awesome detangler from The all natural face! ! ! !

I have some pictures of the recent haul I've made to replace the "poison" I was using :)

THE ALL NATURAL FACE HAUL INCLUDES: Leave in conditioner & detangler, Crystallized Essence Lavender and some samples (Vegan gel eyeliner in midnight plum, and softening mud mask)
I cant wait to use this! YAY

I cannot wait to try out everything :)


LIGHT OF THE MOON HAUL INCLUDES: All natural peppermint deodorant, peppermint lotion bar, peppermint shampoo bar, peppermint bar soap (and some awesome cute little lotion bars, she even included some sugar scrubs for my momma because it was her birthday)

Im sorry it looks all frazzle, as soon as I got the stuff I sampled everything LOL

This is the most amazing shampoo bar! My curly hair needs a little umph and this is perfect :) I dont even need conditioner with this!

Soo Im going to review what im tried so far :) For the All natural face I tried the perfume crystals and I dont even have words for it! ! ! The lavender is strong but after you smell the lavender you get a bug hint of warm vanilla that resembles vanilla ice cream to me LOL

Ive also tried the eyeliner which I will be posting pictures of soon :)

Ill be posting what I think about the conditioner/detangler soon!

For the light of the moon Ive tried well EVERYTHING! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The deodorant is PERFECT, Ive been needing a new one and this hits the mark for sure

The soap is way fabulous, I dont even miss LUSH! Its beyond awesome and will be buying from her OFTEN LOL :) Even my family is using it

The lotion bar is my favorite thing it melts on my skin and keeps my elbows smooth all day (I have dry elbows )

The shampoo bar is a new staple in my shower jejejejeje!

Overall I have to say Light of the moon and The all naturals face is sooooooo amazing I dont and wont miss LUSH at all <3


p.s remember some sugar scrubs are included in my giveaway if you haven't entered yet!

Veronica grace <3

Monday, July 25, 2011

End of the cleanse...

Ok so I didn't go as long as I would have liked on the master cleanse butttt I did get a great head start for my weight loss goal :) I completed day 7 and lost a total of. . .  10 POUNDS! ! ! DOUBLE YAY This has been the hardest cleanse because my house has been all of a sudden turned into a Bolivian restaurant! Its like everything and everyone turned on me when I decided to do the cleanse, If there is one thing you neeeeeeeeed to know about Bolivian cooking its that the smells are what grab you and make you hungry. My mom rarely cooks Bolivian comfort food since we've moved here but this week was something special every single day >_<

I felt like I was dying LOL I stayed in my room most of the time with orange peel in my nose to block out the mouth watering aromas. I am very proud of myself for being able to complete a week jeje Now im going to be on liquids for another week just to get my body slowly used to eating regular again.

One thing Ive decided to try which is HUGE for me is going Vegetarian. SAY WHAT! about 5 years ago this word wasn't even part of my vocabulary, but something in my diet needs to change if I'm going to maintain a healthy lifestyle andddddd *fit into my wedding dress* LOL

I might try doing the lemonade again in about 3 months or so, but for now I'll stick to fruit smoothies and soup LOL

Veronica grace <3

p.s I just dyed my hair black with henna YaY!!!!!!!! I'm loving the color and my slightly thinner face jejejejeje

SuRpRiSe # 2

Sooooooo If you've been reading my posts lately I mentioned I had a couple of surprises up my sleeve <3 The first surprise I'm pretty sure you all read but if you haven't you can find it HERE.

Today's surprise is a giveaway :) Ive hit 56 followers and I'm so thankful to each and every one of you for being such awesome followers!!! Your comments always bring a smile to my face :) This is going to be a pretty simple giveaway with a little bit of everything for yall <3

The prize includes: * A rosette headband in the color of your choice
                            * 3 My pretty zombie mineral eyeshadow potted sample colors in Coffin critters, Ravenwood manor and Bride (to re-create THIS makeup look)

                            * 7 Sugar scrub cubes in any scent (from Light of the moon)

   There are 2 mandatory things you need to do to qualify 1. Follow this blog and 2. comment below on what your most excited about in this giveaway :) The giveaway ends August 20th

Extra entries:

1. Tweet and or share on facebook and leave the link below
2. Blog about it
3. Let me know what your favorite item in my SHOP is :)

Good luck my lovliess <3

Veronica grace

Saturday, July 23, 2011

makeup lovin

HOWDY YALL! jeje I'm a little behind schedule, but I thought I'd let you all know that I guest blogged at Eat, Shop and be Married :) Its a short but sweet makeup tutorial using my favorite mineral shadows... If your interested click HERE <3 Love yall

Veronica grace <3

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank you Thursday

Hey yall :) I'm linking up with Sara from Simply sarafina paints <3

First off I'm thankful for YOU! ! ! Yes you jejeje If it weren't for all of your awesome blogs and awesome comments I wouldn't be here! So THANK YOU! ! ! !

I'm also thankful for the awesome Mrs. Melinda from Inspiration earth for sending me this lovely package full of goodies made with Love :) You made my entire week sparkle with joy
Lovely tinted Lip balm THANK YOU!

A gorgeous handmade purse full of WONDERFUL green recipes

The incredibly gorgeous card she made <3 LOVE

I'm also Thankful for the "healing lemonade" that is slowly but surly making me feel lighter and more "detoxicated" LOL
not as tasty as it looks
Im also thankful for these AMAZING sugar scrub cubes from Light of the moon which have cleared up my face and made it soft and minty jeje
Im addicted to minty scents!

Im also thankful for sunny days that remind me how bright my future is and how much I should be thankful for...
the view outside my window <3
And if I continue to mention all the things I'm thankful for this post will never end... jejeje HUGS TO YOU ALL

Veronica Grace <3

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Gift from the Heart (special guest)

Hey guys :) Today I have a very very special and gorgeous lady stepping in for me, Please welcome Mrs. Zara from Eat, Shop and be married! If you don't already follow her blog than your in for a real treat! It is definitely one blog worth reading <3 HUGS

I am so honored to be posting here today. Knitful Dezigns is one of my daily reads, and I love all the creativity that I find here. So after a great deal of contemplation as to a topic I decided I’d share a little DIY project.
I am a slight perfectionist, and maybe a little OCD, especially when it comes to giving the perfect gift. I honestly struggle so much with finding something perfect as a gift. I HATE giving gift cards, even know I love receiving them … hypocritical I know. I also hate giving random shirts, books and such. I always want my gifts to mean something, and to show how much I care about a person. This being said, my go to gifts are experiences such as photography lessons, a wine testing tour, concerts and short weekend trips (for the husband and myself).
However, usually giving experiences becomes a bit expensive… especially if you are a unemployed college student. So one of my closest and dearest friends had a birthday this past weekend, and I was at a loss of what to get her. I considered a spa day, a photography class (as she is an aspiring professional) and so on. But everything I looked at was very out of budget and I DO NOT like giving crappy gifts.
In short, instead of trying to find the perfect experience I decided to make her something that could help her along in her photography career and inspire her to keep going.
I made her this:

The painting was done with acrylics and the quote is my all-time favorite from Richard Bach.
I framed the painting with a double mat, and also added glass to protect it. The photo does not show the glass simply because it was too reflective, and did not photograph well.

I wrapped it in Christmas wrapping paper because I feel that birthdays should be celebrated like Christmas… or I might have completely ran out of birthday wrapping paper.
My friend said that she loved it, and I was very proud of the gift. I love that it was personal enough and had a message that she appreciated. It really does make me feel proud to know that just maybe this will help lighten her day when things aren’t looking so great.
Thank you so much V for having me over! You are amazing and I am so glad to have met you through the little blogosphere.

Master Cleanser

O GEEPERS! This week I've begun the journey of "detoxification" LOL Im sure some of you have heard of the "Lemonade diet" or "Master cleanser". What you do is drink a lemonade made out of water, lemons, grade b maple syrup and cayenne pepper, andddddddddd you have to drink an herbal laxative called "smooth move" 2wice a day! ! ! YUMMY jejeje I've done it once before and the results are incredible...

Ever since I quit taking my thyroid medicine Ive gained a bit of weight, I was right at my goal weight about 6 months ago and then I ran out of medicine and didn't have the chance or time to go back to the doctor. SILLY ME! I never thought I could gain weight so fast but I did :(

Ive been to the doctor and everything is almost in order again, My medicine should be ready in a couple weeks or so but until then Ive decided to detox to shed a few lb's in advance!

Ill be keeping you all posted on the little progress jeje Im hoping to lose like 20 lbs and ill be very very happy :)

HUGSSSS  p.s stay tuned for 2 AWESOME surprises...

toodles for now <3

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fable love

Hello everyone! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The awesome and amazingly talented Taylor Lynn from Perfectly sensible nonsense is having a super giveaway on her blog. She has reached 50 followers recently and had the best idea ever for a giveaway. . . A HANDWRITTEN FABLE BY HER AND AN ILLUSTRATION FROM HER ALSO EXTREMELY TALENTED SISTER JORDAN (from Rainbow Veins)


I put the button on the side of my blog <---------------------------- I hope you all will go check it out <3


Veronica grace <3

Friday, July 15, 2011

Our home to yours

I'm a bit late this week on my feature but nonetheless I have an incredible shop to show :) Ive had the  pleasure of "meeting" Mrs. Debbi from Our home to yours on Etsy, she has been a sweet, kind and very helpful mentor to me with my shop and what not. She is all the things I've mentioned and more jeje What makes this shop awesomly special and set apart from most is the fact that it is a Mother Daughter team! ! ! Mrs. Debbi (mom) and Mrs. Amanda (daughter) are both so talented in the "crafty area", here is a bit about them and the shop.

"For all that like original and one of a kind items, we want you to know that you can find them here. When Amanda and Debbi create something, we almost never re-make it. Why? I dunno, we just like to try new things all the time *grin*. So if you saw something on our shop that is now sold, let us know and we'll re-make it just for you, if we can.

You will never see a piece of our jewelry sold and re-listed. Debbi doesn't draw a design first, and rarely buys in bulk. She just piles her beads in front of her, and let's the jewelry design themselves. She feels that if you wanted to look like everyone else, you would be shopping at Wal-mart. But we're awfully glad you're here instead!

So be sure to bookmark this page and come back often. You'll never know what we'll be up to next."

Here are a few of my all time faves <3
This red choker is incredibly gorgeous <3

crochet ring bearer pillow

beautiful earrings (WITH PINK) jeje <3

I think this is my favorite thing of all! they make gorgeous customized wedding banners! HOW COOL IS THAT?

I hope you enjoyed this feature, please check out their wonderful SHOP | BLOG | FACEBOOK

Toodles for now <3

Veronica grace

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A lush life...

Hey yall :) I know you've all heard me talk about LUSH before :) and if you haven't than this post will fill you in jejeje <3

So I was running really low on soap so I stopped by Lush to get a little to hold me over until I can try out some awesome new sites Ive found on Etsy. . . (more on that later) I picked up 3 different kinds of soap today. **Sexy Peel, Figs and leaves, and Ice Blue** Ive tried Figs and leaves before and I LOVE it. It literally had real fig and leaves in it which work as an amazing exfoliant. The Sexy peel is sooooo incredibly full of citrus which is so awesome, and the Ice blue is like peppermint and coconut goodness! I'm so pumped to use them now jeje

Here are some pictures of the soap haul <3
all three :)

I also got sidetracked and picked up a bath bomb (Mrs. Whippy), a bath melt (Happy blooming), and a solid Lotion bar (shimmy shimmy) with tonssssssssssss of glittery goodness! All three of these smell so amazing but my favorite is the shimmy shimmy bar, it sort of smells like a mix of strawberries and white chocolate YUM!

Mrs. Whippy bath bomb
Bath melt (3 uses)
Shimmy shimmy
The only problem with Lush is that when I buy it and take it home it magically dissipates! I snuck up to one of the culprits as she tried running away with all three bars of soap! I'm seriously going to have to create a stash or something...

sneaky Hannha. . . hmm

Sample of "the godmother"

The whole kaboodle...
Well I'm hoping I didn't bore you with this post jejeje I hope you all had a Fabulous Tuesday

Veronica grace <3

Monday, July 11, 2011

My style monday :)

Hey yall :) So today was a pretty busy day, but I'm glad I got a million things done including a new hat a customer requested... meet the horse hat <3

When my mom and I first read that she wanted a horse we were like NO WAY! jaja It so far has been the hardest animal to re-create :) My mom being the genius that she is, came up with this one :) We both worked on this but she definitely came through when I thought I'd give up LOL

Apart from the horsey awesomness I linked up with the awesome Mrs. Lindsey for the fun My style monday :) Today though fashion did not prevail. My dad, sister and I have been working at the gym all day so this was my "stylish attire" LOL one of my dads old army shirts (YAY FOR LOOOOSE SHIRTS) and my favorite roxy workout tights <3 not very stylish but very comfy! forgive the horribly taken pictures. . . no one was around to help me take one jeje :) and I'm way to short for a mirror picture. . .

im so sad i cut my head off!

my dad and I after the last workout! can you tell? lol

 So I had a guilt free dessert today too YAY! a yummy bowl of fresh cut fruit and some plain non fat yogurt :) and thenn the unexpected happened. . . Hannah fell asleep in my dads arms! This is seriously the cutest thing ever... IT NEVER HAPPENS <3

I congratulate you if you made it through this whole post jejejeje <3 Have an awesome and peace filled ending to this super Monday :)

Veronica grace <3

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Diva shmeva

I want to thank the amazing and super gorgeous Maggie from I'm not skinny so what for passing on this superly duper glam blog award! there is one thing you all might not know about me. . . I want to be a cosmetologist (one of the many professions I wish to pursue) Ive been doing applications to get into AVEDA institute. YAY! So anyway moving on with the award. . .

Here are my Top 10 favorite make up products in random order:

1.E.L.F Mineral foundation ( LOVE LOVE ) this stuff seriously covers all blemishes and its the only foundation that doesnt make me break out!
2. My Pretty Zombie Ava and Coffin critters eyeshadow
3. Pure Lux kisses in the dark eyeshadow
4. The all natural face Bronzers (SO AMAZING)
5. Fyrinnae
Pixe epoxy
6. MAC Mineral blush in warm soul
7. Antoinette's Revolution Damask eyeshadow
8. Natura's Lipstick in frambuesa (bolivian brand)
9.Physicians formula eyshadow quad in smoked marshmellows
10. this doesnt count as makeup but I cant live without it LUSH's Celestial vegan face cream

The rules for this award are:

1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
2. Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
3. List your top 10 cosmetics.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.

I choose 

Cathy from Headpinwear
Lindsey from Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Jordan from Rainbow Veins 

If you dont wear makeup often tell me all your favorite bath and body or other fun stuff you use :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

How green can you go...

Hey Yall! Hope your having an AwEsOmE weekend. I just finished reading another amazing post by the lovely Mrs. Melinda over at Inspiration Earth ~ A Journey of Simplicity, you have to check THIS post out it is seriously so amazing and has helped me make big choices and changes :)

Who knew there were so many uses for the amazing one and only BAKING SODA? WHAT!!! I used to mix it in with my shampoo once a week as a "clarifying shampoo" since my curly hair is unmanageable most of the time I use a lot of different natural oils and such to keep the curls intact so my scalp gets a little oily sometimes. It works wonders and makes my curls all bouncy and healthy :)

So its been really rainy this week, a couple neighborhoods around here have flooded. Soooo Ive had a ton of free time to take random pictures of Hannah and what not.

trying to cover her nakedness lol <3

Well Guys I'm not sure I have anything else to say right now LOL <3

I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL Sunday 

Veronica grace <3                                                                                                              

Friday, July 8, 2011


Hey guys <3 Its been a while since I've actually blogged jeje I hope you all have been doing well lately! Ive been working out A LOT so I haven't had as much time sitting with laptop jeje.

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL and very blessed 4th of July :) My family had a small homely bbq and sat on the balcony watching people shoot fireworks from their backyards. . . What did yall do?

Other than that my mom and I created a few fun goodies for the shop... Here they are!

An adult rosette collection

WTH! the pictures went all crazy on me, grrr....

Annnnnnnd a baby rosette

Last but not least the infamous COW HAT!!! this is the cutest hat so far I think

So sorry for the picture overload jeje, I hope you guys enjoyed the new goodies :) If your interested in getting any you can find them HERE <3

toodles for now

Veronica grace <3