Wednesday, May 9, 2012

time for change


  1. Interests are always changing, aren't they, Gracie? It sounds like you're pretty excited about your new blog, that's awesome! I've taken a peek, though unfortunately it won't let me comment because I'm not on tumblr. :( But I subscribed with Google Reader, so I'll definitely drop in every now and then! Best of luck at your new location! Hugs, Taylor Lynn <3

  2. I may have to get a tumblr account! Will your Knitful Dezigns business still be open? I am still very interested in purchasing a snood from you! :D

  3. TAYLOR LYNN: IVE MISSED YOU :) Yess i feel its time for a bit of change these new days, but i will be doing some posts here still <3 I need to catch up on your lovely family's blogs :) Thank you for your support girlie


    TIA: My business will definitely still be open, Ive just been MIA these days <3 I cant wait to finish your snood for you!!!


  4. Aw, same here, Gracie! So glad to hear from you. <3 I hope all is going well in your life - I'm sending big hugs your way!