Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Updates and what not

Hello all :) I hope all is well, O how I've missed blogging here... life has gotten extremely busy on my all of a sudden.

To catch you all up here is a list of some things that have happened this month alone...

1. I graduated high school
2. My parents surprised me with trip to Germany for a week
3. I signed up and registered for college
4. I'm filling out applications to find a job
5. finally got around to painting my room

I'm sorry to have neglected this blog for such a long time, I thought I'd also share a cute new addition to my shop which I've completely fallen in love with these days. Its a purse/reusable shopping bag *because you can fit so much in it*

Here are a few photos of it for you

I love the colors so much

cute isnt it?
 I'm also working on a few new things which I will share with y'all as soon as they are finished :)

I would love to know how you are all doing, thank you for always being sweet to me and keeping in touch... I need to get back to a few amazing people who really reached out and made my month much more bearable even through so much stress...

xoxo, Gracie


  1. #1. YAY! Congratulations ♥ I'm in 10th grade now... it's hard to tell really though. Because I'm learning the algebra that Taylor is/was, and US history, and world history... haha, so maybe I'm even higher then 10th ;) Anyways, I know that we go deeper into all this stuff then they do in public school!
    So glad we have the summer off though! ♥ Congrats again :)

    #2. Awesome! :) That should be so fun! ♥ Take loads of pictures and maybe you'll get to posting a few... ;)

    #3. Good luck! ♥ I know you'll make it into somewhere awesome :)

    #4. Also, good luck! :)

    #5. YAYYYYYY!! ♥ Something bright and gorgeous I hope? :) Have you made any awesome decor for it yet? :) I know you were really excited about that... :)

    I love the bag! Adorable! ♥ The colors are great! So bright and fun :) Fantastic job ♥