Friday, July 15, 2011

Our home to yours

I'm a bit late this week on my feature but nonetheless I have an incredible shop to show :) Ive had the  pleasure of "meeting" Mrs. Debbi from Our home to yours on Etsy, she has been a sweet, kind and very helpful mentor to me with my shop and what not. She is all the things I've mentioned and more jeje What makes this shop awesomly special and set apart from most is the fact that it is a Mother Daughter team! ! ! Mrs. Debbi (mom) and Mrs. Amanda (daughter) are both so talented in the "crafty area", here is a bit about them and the shop.

"For all that like original and one of a kind items, we want you to know that you can find them here. When Amanda and Debbi create something, we almost never re-make it. Why? I dunno, we just like to try new things all the time *grin*. So if you saw something on our shop that is now sold, let us know and we'll re-make it just for you, if we can.

You will never see a piece of our jewelry sold and re-listed. Debbi doesn't draw a design first, and rarely buys in bulk. She just piles her beads in front of her, and let's the jewelry design themselves. She feels that if you wanted to look like everyone else, you would be shopping at Wal-mart. But we're awfully glad you're here instead!

So be sure to bookmark this page and come back often. You'll never know what we'll be up to next."

Here are a few of my all time faves <3
This red choker is incredibly gorgeous <3

crochet ring bearer pillow

beautiful earrings (WITH PINK) jeje <3

I think this is my favorite thing of all! they make gorgeous customized wedding banners! HOW COOL IS THAT?

I hope you enjoyed this feature, please check out their wonderful SHOP | BLOG | FACEBOOK

Toodles for now <3

Veronica grace


  1. Awesome! I love that the products are OOAK. :) It makes your purchase just that much more personal! :D

  2. Thank you Veronica! Your favorites are mine too. :~)

  3. This is the BEST Feature you have written!
    AND on such a great shop, <3 Debbi and Amanda.
    Now I am thinking on the red choker, why didn't I think of that, its so GORGEOUS :)

  4. Hey Gracie... I just came from my email. I saw that you posted about my giveaway on Facebook, but your link wouldn't work and I couldn't find it on my own. :P I'm sure that you FBed about it, but I'm a pretty thorough person and I like to be sure... and fair, because I'm checking up on everyone else's. ;) Do you think you could just leave me a link to your FB page? Thanks, and hugs! <3

  5. Taylor Lynn: It really is awesome :)I love that no one else in the world would have on just like it jeje it makes you unique :)

    Mrs. Debbi: Your welcome jeje <3

    Mrs. Cathy: Aweee *bows* thank youu jejejeje, i really love the choker its so romantic/gothic and timeless <3

  6. Hey girlie, your right i think my facebook is private! Im going to post it on my fan page! jeje Ill go send you the link in a minute <3 HUGS

  7. All these stuff are so gorgeous and unique! They don't look typical at all. Definitely a store I should be bookmarking and checking out :)

  8. Another great shop, thanks Veronica! I love that red choker, what a beauty! :)

  9. Maggie: Im so glad you liked it :) She makes gorgeous jewelry for sure <3

    Mrs. Melinda: Isnt the choker gorgeous? I fell in love with it when i saw it jeje