Monday, October 3, 2011

Bedroom pinboard

So today we moved into our new house HOORAY <3 I'm so excited to start decorating my room Ive been spending a bit of time on pinterest making my bedroom's pinboard of inspiration Ill share some of them with you <3

I have an old cherry wood drawer which I'm going to sand and paint an off white to match the feel of my room. I haven't found my headboard yet but I'm thinking about going to a couple estate sells to maybe find a cute one I can refinish... I also went to Tuesday Morning (OMG that store is amazing) and found a cute birdcage which I will be using as a "chandelier", some cute tiny porcelain vases and an amazingly adorable mini tea set from hemmlin all for under 40$ WOOT now all I need is the paint for my room antique books and some wooden spools, I'm sure your wondering "what on earth is she going to use all of this for?" Here is some of my future rooms pinboard...

and actual "Book case" jeje

even though this is a nursery I love the colors and feel

antique wooden spools as jewelry holders LOVE

Isn't this the most ingenious use of a birdcage ;)

OO MY! Isn't is almost to much to take in??? Ikea is my next stop for a vanity, bedside table and curtains :) I hope you all are having a fantastic start to your week, as a celebration for moving in I'm hosting a sale at my etsy shop, type in the code "MOVEDIN" for 20% off your entire purchase!!!


  1. WOW all these pics at utterly gorgeous! But i have to say the bird cage is AMAZING!!!! I love interior decorating!!!! I'll be all over it when i finally get my own house! hehe love you!!!

  2. Ohmygosh- yayyyy!!! How exciting! :D
    And the room ideas are fantastic! I'm sure it'll look AMAZING when it's done! ♥
    My favorite is the bookcase idea... It's utterly ADORABLE! I sooooo want it in MY room!! Haha ♥

  3. Great finds on Pinterest! The bird cage chandelier idea is amazing. Have fun decorating your space, and enjoy your new place.
    Everyday Inspired

  4. All of them are amazing but I just love the idea for the birdcage!!!

  5. What absolutely fantastic finds, Gracie - LOVE THEM! You're bursting with good ideas for your room, you must be so excited! I have to say, that birdcage idea is fabulous. :) And I just LOVE the literal book shelves! :D I can't wait to see your new room once you're finished with it - please post TONS of photos! ;)

  6. Thanks everyone for your input, Im like 10x more excited to start the process now WOOT WOOT!

    I think the first things I'll get started on is the Birdcage <3