Thursday, July 28, 2011

Deception, Devastation, and Delight

Soooo If you've all read my crazy ramblings about LUSH your pretty familiar with how much the store excites me. . . But lately I've been trying to be more natural and get away from chemicals that are harmful. With great anticipation of what I would find I began researching about some ingredients I read on the labels. I was shocked and perplexed with what I found! LUSH is supposed to be an ALL NATURAL, COMPLETELY CHEMICAL FREE COMPANY RIGHT???? YES RIGHT if your interested in reading what I read you can click HERE and HERE I find it to be disgusting and extremely deceiving! All this time Ive been wasting my money thinking I finally found the answer to perfect natural body products.

Its ok though because I have 1 AMAZING friend and 1 AMAZING company that IS completely natural. OOO what a pain it was to go through all my stuff and get rid of it all :(

I have 1 soap bar holding me over by the amazing Mrs. April from Light of the moon! And an awesome detangler from The all natural face! ! ! !

I have some pictures of the recent haul I've made to replace the "poison" I was using :)

THE ALL NATURAL FACE HAUL INCLUDES: Leave in conditioner & detangler, Crystallized Essence Lavender and some samples (Vegan gel eyeliner in midnight plum, and softening mud mask)
I cant wait to use this! YAY

I cannot wait to try out everything :)


LIGHT OF THE MOON HAUL INCLUDES: All natural peppermint deodorant, peppermint lotion bar, peppermint shampoo bar, peppermint bar soap (and some awesome cute little lotion bars, she even included some sugar scrubs for my momma because it was her birthday)

Im sorry it looks all frazzle, as soon as I got the stuff I sampled everything LOL

This is the most amazing shampoo bar! My curly hair needs a little umph and this is perfect :) I dont even need conditioner with this!

Soo Im going to review what im tried so far :) For the All natural face I tried the perfume crystals and I dont even have words for it! ! ! The lavender is strong but after you smell the lavender you get a bug hint of warm vanilla that resembles vanilla ice cream to me LOL

Ive also tried the eyeliner which I will be posting pictures of soon :)

Ill be posting what I think about the conditioner/detangler soon!

For the light of the moon Ive tried well EVERYTHING! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The deodorant is PERFECT, Ive been needing a new one and this hits the mark for sure

The soap is way fabulous, I dont even miss LUSH! Its beyond awesome and will be buying from her OFTEN LOL :) Even my family is using it

The lotion bar is my favorite thing it melts on my skin and keeps my elbows smooth all day (I have dry elbows )

The shampoo bar is a new staple in my shower jejejejeje!

Overall I have to say Light of the moon and The all naturals face is sooooooo amazing I dont and wont miss LUSH at all <3


p.s remember some sugar scrubs are included in my giveaway if you haven't entered yet!

Veronica grace <3


  1. I know what you mean, Gracie. Once you look, you find a lot of chemical ingredients in so-called "chemical-free" products! I'm glad you found safer alternatives!

  2. Will check all of this out! Thanks:) Love anything lavender!!!

  3. Yeah, it's kind of disturbing isn't it? There really are no regulations on cosmetics, they can use pretty much whatever they want. And just think, it's going around your eyes, and on your lips... yuck! :P I'm so glad you dumped all the poisons and found some great, truly natural replacements. :)

  4. oh, the price we women pay for beauty, lol.

  5. Hahaha- aren't people unbelievable, Gracie!?!?! It's ridiculous how they can just poison everything!

    That was pretty brave of you to actually look up the ingredients... you have to be ready for what you find when you do that ;) Glad you have yet another new favorite store though! ♥


  6. Arrrrrgh! Don't even get me started. I hate sellers and companies that deceive consumers. Where's their integrity, really!

    I buy my body and bath delicious treats from ASCo. I don't think they claim to be all natural except for vegan. Make up wise, I'm using a bunch of commercial stuff but I just found an all natural place for scrub, cleanser, toner, moisturizer and tinted moisturizer. Placed an order yesterday and I can barely wait :D

  7. I haven't looked into it much, but I had no idea shampoo came in bars? That's awesome! Glad you've found some new products you're happy with.

  8. Taylor Lynn: Your so right girlie I just wish i would have known sooner! But its awesome to have an amazing alternative

    Lauren: Its definitely worth looking into <3

    Mrs. Lindsey: jejeje YES i have :) Im loving it all!

    Mrs. Melinda: OMG I had no idea, well i guess i sort of had an idea but now its like all so alive and real to me :( I still am in shock of how they trick you into thinking its natural! If i wouldnt have checked the label i would have never believed!!!

    Mrs. Debbi: jejejej YOU KNOW IT!

    Jordan: THEY ARE :( Its soo disappointing and disgusting at the same time. Im glad i have awesome tips and advice from your mom too jejeje she has definitely helped me :) I love my home made tooth paste, shampoo and conditioner :) HUGSSS

    Maggie: You have to tell me what the new all natural makeup your using is called :)

    Jenna: If you find the right shampoo bar it can be AMAZING! it definitely takes a little getting used to though jejeje