Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gramme's House

Today Ill be featuring Gramme's House which is located in a small south Louisiana. town. Gramme's House offers monogramming, personalization, and applique designs. She also Loves to do custom orders if your interested :) She has everything from diapers to tissue holders <3

Too cute right???

I immediately was drawn by the beautiful monogramming in her work, which is impeccable! Her creations are full of family fun. Here is a bit of what Gramme herself has to say about her shop. YAY

Welcome to Gramme's House. This little shop has a little of everything. For the sweet babies, infants and toddlers in your life, there are dresses, little boy's jon-jons, bibs, ribbons, hair bows, and diaper bags.

She also does marvelous “adult” creations. If you are looking for an adult gift, Gramme's house has key fobs, badge holders, koozies, purse organizers, and kleenex tissue holders. She also have great gifts for wedding parties and showers!!
Extremely gorgeous Key Fobs :)

The beautiful and unique Gramme's house has a fantastic BlogFacebookEtsy Shop

Please stop by and check out her beautiful creations, here are a bit more of my favorites!!! 
Its meee <3 <3
If i had a baby girl i would sooo get this for her! LOVE

You guys don't even know how much I love this, sometimes I wish my niece was still a baby! jejejeje
 I hope yall enjoyed this feature :) Toodles for now.... 

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  1. What a cute feature!
    It matches your personality :)

  2. Thanks Mrs. Cathy jejejeje i guess i have no way of getting out of my crazy personality, it sort of sticks to everything huh?? <3

  3. Is the last item a little backpack? I love that!

  4. Thank you for the great feature!!!! Love your blog!!!

  5. Great feature! There are so many talented people on Etsy- you can find just about anything! :)

  6. Great feature! Her work is so cute :) love that little owl!

  7. Thanks Sara :) I know right that little owl is one of my faves jejeje <3

  8. Thanks Taylor Lynn :) jejeje Im telling you Etsy is dangerous for me <3 Its full of to many amazing things jejeje

  9. I agree, Etsy is incredibly dangerous! ElfRenee (elfrenee.blogspot.com) and I agreed that we'd need mansions to hold everything we want to buy. :) And it's so true! I'd buy SO much on Etsy if I had the space to put it (and the money to buy it! ;)

  10. Great feature, I love monogrammed stuff! That little bird is adorable!!! :)

  11. I love the graphic onsies for kids. They're so adorable.



  12. Taylor Lynn :) jejeje i know what you mean girlie!!! not even a mansion would do it <3 jeje

    Simply Smitten :) Aww thank you, im glad you liked it jeje

    Grace :) I know right? If i had babies i would probably break my bank jejeje <3

  13. LOL I know! It probably wouldn't. ;)

  14. This is soo cute!! <3 She DOES do a fantastic job!! Love it!! :) I'm going to check out her Blog riigghhtt noooww...

  15. Jordan :) Im glad you love it girlie <3 Thanks for checking her out!!!

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith :) jejee thank you, i think so tooo <3