Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello :)

Sorry for not having blogged in such a long time jeje <3 I've been trying to get away from the computer lately, I spend so much time on it that I haven't been able to get a lot done these days. Ever since I've moved my routine has been completely and utterly destroyed. I'm thinking about starting a schedule, like actually typing it up printing it and framing it. I know that probably sounds silly, but I feel a bit out of place when my life is out of order. Sooo If yall have any schedule tips I would absolutely LOVE to hear them!

My store hasn't been doing very good either... I think Its time for me to take new pictures for everything :) I know its going to be a long long process but its on my list of must do's.

How have you all been doing? I hope your Easter was fun and relaxing :) I got to spend time with family and old friends! Its always nice to see friends who have known you your entire life <3

Well I think that's about all I have for you today jeje. I'm going to get started on my Schedule and I'll post it up here when I'm through!



  1. I hate doing photo overhauls. In my shop I must have done about 20 already and am constantly changing them because my taste changes. I'm on banner 1,000,001 and just put new photos in my shop last night. Good luck! Such a pain.

  2. Hey Gracie <3 It's always nice to see you! I hope your new schedule works and can't wait to see new pictures for your store listings :D As for me, I'm doing great and I'm thrilled that my birthday is coming up really soon.

  3. Routines always works really well for me, so I think your typed up schedule is a great idea! It will at least help you to figure out what needs to get done, what isn't getting done, and to prioritize. I sympathize with the photo retakes, I just managed to get some retaken yesterday. It's such a time consuming process, I really have to be in the right frame of mind for it. And I definitely agree, the computer can suck up all your time if you're not careful!! Good luck organizing your life, would love to see that schedule! :)

  4. The Everything soap blog: Im seriously not looking forward to it jejeje!

    mNg: YAY its nice to read your comments they always make me smile jejeje <3 Im hoping it works out too, im going to start it tonight so i can keep up tomorrow :) As for the photos I've started already, and its taking time jejeje

    Simply Smitten: Thanks for the awesome encouraging words! It helps to know Im not the only one who does badly off a routine :)Your so right, the computer is something i need to limit time on for sure!

  5. I've been lacking on blogging lately too. I just need some time away from the computer sometimes:) My store is doing bad too.. I know I need to take new photo's because mine were all really poorly done. I'm too lazy though, haha.

  6. Heidi :) I totally understand how you feel, I don't know when ill ever finish those pictures! Your photography skills are pretty awesome though, i think you'd do amazing jeje <3

  7. Good luck creating a schedule; I hope it helps! :D And it may be a big job, but if you do decide that you need to take new photos for your shop, I bet it'll make you feel great. Whenever I get a big job done like that, I feel awesome! :D

    It was good to see a blog post on your blog again! I hope things are going great in FL. :) Let me know when you get your package! <3

  8. oooh... I like schedules! Well sometimes... it's nice to have order and know what to expect but it's also nice to have a anything-goes kind of day. I think writing it down is your first step... I tend to stick with things if I put them in writing. And maybe take little steps at a time, trying to adjust to a whole new schedule might be difficult, but easier in baby steps. Also, if part of it isn't working, don't be afraid to change it up... schedules aren't set in stone, they're just handy guides to help keep us on track, but sometimes our path changes :)
    Hope you're having a great week!

  9. Taylor Lynn: girliee :) Thanks for the awesome schedule tips! jeje Im so glad to have some awesome bloggy friends who help me when i need it jeje <3

    ALSOOOO i have some super exciting news :) I got the package today!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY jeje i LOVEEE EVERYTHING <3 The photo id just superb, my parents were astonished!!! And the bracelets are perfect i just love love them

    Please tell your mom that I love the card, its incredibly gorgeous :) and thank you so so much for including those business cards i cant wait to check all those places out!!! Im still ecstatic over everything jejeje ive shown it to my family at least 10x's already jejeje


    Sara: Your so awesome :) jejeje Your tips are fantastic and just what i need to hear <3 I cant wait to write it all down, Ive never been so excited about a schedule before jejeje
    I hope your having a great week too girlie!

  10. No problem! HUGS! <3