Monday, April 11, 2011

Hot and humid

If I were to have to words to describe Florida right now they would definitely be HOT and HUMID! I knew it would be humid, but so was North Carolina... this is a completely different kind of humid jajaja its like living in a sauna :) I'm going to be dropping some serious pounds by the way things are looking <3

I'm so happy that there's a pool and gym in our apartment complex... Ive been hitting both daily and am starting to see and feel results YAY! Ill post some embarrassing pictures my sister took at the gym jeje

So far I'm loving Florida, you all know how much I was hating the change, but I know that this change was good for me :) A lesson I've learned and a piece of wisdom Ive picked up is that when depression begins to become comfortable you need to take a look at your life and change. In NC I struggled with depression constantly. I became so used to it that when I wasn't feeling depressed i didn't feel comfortable. Getting up and out of that comfort zone has helped me to make positive changes in my life :) But most of all I know its not just me, God has definitely had a huge role in the whole ordeal...

Anyways I guess what i have to say is that I'm happy to be where I am right now, Even though I don't know what the future holds, I know who holds my future and I find comfort in that <3

I sure hope yall's weekend was fantastic :) And just in case you didn't know, this month is Poetry month YAY Simply sarafina paints has been posting wonderful poems daily so I decided ill put up one of my faves for you guys to enjoy Yippie! jaja

Enjoy the poem *and some silly pictures* and stay tuned for "My style Mondays" which the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Smith is hosting.... and just a heads up, my style isn't the best in the world jejeje :) Toodles for now <3
Staying hydrated in the Hot and Humid

This is really embarrassing jaja

Excuse the tacky-ness jeje

Some of my healthyful lunch :)

One of my favorite poems :) Enjoy
In Us All
In a world full of wonder
In a sleep full of dreams
In a heart full of laughter
In us all, it would seem

In the awe of a rainbow
In the clouds floating by
In soft ocean breezes
In us all, you and I

In the song of a sparrow
As it welcomes the sun
In the mist of the morning
In us all, everyone

In the Earth beneath us
In the heavens above
At the core of our being
In us all, there is love.

~Dan Coppersmith


  1. Thanks for linking up, friend! I am jealous of the pool AND the gym at your apartment complex!!

  2. Aww jejejeje Noo thank you for such a wonderful idea :) your so sweet <3

  3. Your so funny, you ALWAYS bring a :) to my face!
    I could just give you a big hug for support, but my arms cannot stretch the whole length of the United States, just know that I am rooting for ya :)

  4. jejeje thank you Mrs. Cathy :) You make me smile too :) Your always so encouraging <3 Huuggsss

  5. We've been thinking about FL for a while, which part are you in, what do you like about it? Please tell :-) I'd love to know!!!

    Also, I am super jealous of the pool and gym, I miss living in an apartment complex that has both of those, now we pay for a gym membership and an HOA that covers the pool :-(

  6. I love so many things about this post... your courage, that awesome poem, your positive outlook, your great smile... such a lovely way to start the day! Try and stay cool today... ;)

  7. Love love love the poem, it's awesome! Thanks for sharing it. <3

    And I'm glad things seem to be going well in Florida. :) Have a great day!

    Taylor Lynn <3

  8. Love the poem :) excellent choice!
    and I'm so proud of you for going to the gym... you should go for me, too because I've been lazy lately :)
    and you don't look tacky!! you should see how mismatched I dress when I work out... lol

  9. I'm glad you're liking FL! And the pix aren't all that bad ;D You should really see the pix me & my sisters take!! But they're wayyy to embarrassing to post ;D
    I LOVE that poem, by the way!! <3 <3 Thanks for sharing :)

  10. You guys are soo amazing! I couldn't do this without you! Your comments bring the happiest smile to my face! HUGSS to all of you!!!!!

    Veronica Grace

  11. Hugs right back to you! <3