Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Beginnings

Hello everyone :) I'm sorry it took me so long to update jejeje, I'm in Tampa now :) Its been a long hard journey, physically and emotionally but I'm here!!!

I hope you all are doing great, I've missed ( and loved) reading your amazingly sweet comments! Thank you for caring so much... Its so awesome to have such amazing people like you read my blog jejeje

Soooo a bit about my new surroundings... HOT and a tad bit humid (so far) Ive been to the pool twice eek... it sounds so weird to say that because I'm not used to going to the pool ever jejeje! I have a couple pictures I snapped up with my phone :) sorry for the bad quality, my phone doesn't have the best camera <3

So Hannah (my niece) is definitely having the time of her life! jejeje she had a blast at the pool and begs me to take her to the park everyday...

It was a hard transition for me but I'm beginning to look on the bright side :) I'm very excited for this wonderful opportunity of a new beginning :)

Veronica Grace <3


  1. I'm glad the move went well!!! I'm sure Florida will be a great opportunity for you. :) By the way, Hannah is very cute! How old is she?

  2. Look At HANNAH!!!!!!!
    One should learn by example.
    She's totally relaxed, basking in the sun.
    Sometimes kids have a way of setting examples, even though they are kids.
    Hannah is definitely relaxing, something us adults rarely do. I think I'd take that pic, put a title of RELAX on top and put it in my bedroom, or someplace I am reminded daily!

  3. I wish it was pool weather here!:) Enjoy your new adventure!

  4. Yayyy!! You're back!! :D I was so happy to see an update in my loooong list if blogs! Can't wait to hear more about Florida! It's not pool weather here in CT, but it IS gorgeous Spring weather!! Around 55 & sunny! With almost no wind! :D Great day for my little sister's 11th b-day party!
    Hannah is too cute!
    Enjoy FL & the sunshine! :D *hugs!*

  5. Awee Thank you everyone for your comments!

    Taylor lynn: Thanks girl! Hannah is turning 2 may 1st! YAY excited about this! jejeje

    Mrs. Cathy: I know, its amazing how much i learn daily from her, shes definitely a wonderful little person jeje

    Mrs. Smith: Thank you so much, and i hope the weather keeps improving there :)

    Jordan: Aww it makes me happy to know ii have such caring readers like you jejeje ill definitely update more about flordia as soon as i can jeje, andi hope the weather gets warmer... believe it or not 55 with calm wind sounds lovely :) I hope you and your sister have a fabulous day!

  6. Ha, that is too funny- my little cousin turns two in May, too! Hannah looks a bit older than my cousin, though. :)

  7. jeje that is funny! yea shes a pretty big baby, im surprised at how much older she looks than most 2 year olds.... its so weird jaja <3 i guess she might be tall or something :)

  8. Must be something, because she does look older than two! She's very cute, though. :)

  9. You're very welcome! :D

  10. Those are some of the cutest pictures! Keep having fun :)

  11. Thank you jejejeje shes a keeper ;) <3