Thursday, May 26, 2011

BeaderBubbe :)

My fun BESTeam Feature for this week is on the one and only Mrs. Agnes from BeaderBubbe, Mrs. Agnes currently lives in Brooklyn. New York. .
Mrs. Agnes creates wonderful pieces of jewelry, her jewelry unlike most is not only created with beads

She designs jewelry with an array of materials, such as: rubber, polymer clay, ceramic, and even gemstones. Here are some of my faves:
Cute Polymer necklace

But of course :) Turquoise earrings

Golden swirls bracelet

Mrs. Agnes has five awesome children, six fun grand kids, with another one on the way!

Just like so many small businesses and home oriented shops her designs and creations don't always get the chance to be sold on Etsy. Most of the time her awesome pieces get picked up by family and friends :) How often has this happened to yall?

Mrs. Agnes also has a fun blog :) Make sure you check up on it, she posts some pretty awesome stuff on it YAY!

You can also find Mrs. Agnes on
FaceBook, and Twitter!

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  1. That pink-blue pendant is SO me!! :D

  2. aww now that you say that i completely agree jejeje <3 How awesome is that!!!

  3. Thank you so much for a beautiful post....have a great weekend.

  4. Great feature, her jewelry is neat! Isn't turquoise so pretty? ;)