Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Florida is what??? RED HOT

When I was in 6th grade (my last year in private school) I was a cheerleader... One of our cheers has constantly been on my mind this week so far. It went something like this. . .


jejeje it might not sound like much but it was pretty fun, the reason its been on my mind is because the temperatures have been out of control HOT! Sunday was 95 yesterday was 98 and today was 99!!! The humidity is out of control too

Ive been getting crazy migraines even though I drink tons of water, my dad has been getting them too but we are trying to stay away from taking medicine. . . so as you can imagine there are two grumpy people in my house today jeje

Here are some fun pictures from the great outdoors that my sister and I took :) Hope you all have a sunny, but not to hot Tuesday evening <3

Toodles for now <3

Veronica grace


  1. Ugh. I hate the hot weather. Too bad I live in the tropical climate. It's summer here all year round :(

    I like that picture of Hannah :D

  2. it's been really hot here, too, so I can completely relate! Don't worry, it gets better... I always have a few weeks of misery before my body adjusts to the heat. Just keep drinking water... at least it's not snowing :)

  3. Oh that sounds miserable. I hate when temperatures are that high and humidity skyrockets. Soon I'll be living in the same conditions and hating it.

    I hope your head starts feeling better soon. Don't be too grumpy! <3

  4. Lovely photos! Eek, migraine from heat = no fun! I hope you feel better soon...

    Up until today our weather has been the opposite of yours for a week... chilly, rainy, damp, gloomy, etc. Funny, isn't it, how different the weather can be in two different states? (Granted, they're a bit far away from each other... LOL...) Today, though, the sun is shining, and it promises to be nearly 80 degrees! We're all pretty happy about it. I think maybe I'll read/write in the sun for awhile at some point...

  5. Wow, summer has arrived!! :) We don't have aspirin (or Tylenol, or Advil...) in the house. But if one of us is crippled with pain, white willow bark works wonders. You can buy it in capsules and take it like any other pain killer. Not sure if you could find it at the 'regular' stores, but a health food store should definitely carry it! Make sure it doesn't have any 'bad' ingredients snuck in there! ;) You may want to give that a try as your body adjusts. :)

  6. THANKS GALS :) Im sorry ive been so slow to respond <3 I love love reading your comments!!!

    Mrs. Melinda I definitely try not taking meds when its not necessary :) I cant wait to go to a health store to pick up some white willow bark :)