Monday, May 16, 2011


Hope you all are having a good week so far. Its been really sunny these last two days, three days ago there was a terrible storm that swept by so Ive been pretty stoked about the sun! I got to take Hannah the pool today and we had a BLAST, Im so happy that I get to teach her how to swim, shes such a fast learner.

I wish I would have taken pictures for yall :) Anyway I thought I'd share a couple Fathers day gifts that Ive picked out from Etsy just in case you guys the same hard time picking something as I am  <3 Here they are:

Thanks to Taylor Lynn for being so amazing and finding the link for me :) YAY you can find this here
 My dad love loves his coffee so this warmer would be great for him :)

You can get these amazing cuff links here
I fell in love with these cuff links when I saw them :) So fun!
find them here
My entire family loves chocolate but not as not as much as my dad :) These truffles are filled with brownie! mmmm
Find the coffee here
If there is one thing my dad cant live without It's definitely coffee :)
Find this fun print here
 One thing I'll never forget are the sunday afternoons that my dad would spend with me watching golf games :) then he would take me to the course to hit a couple rounds! Whats your dad's favorite sport?
Find this card here
I most likely will end up changing my mind on a card about 100x's jeje but I really Like the colors and look of this one :)

I hope you enjoyed these picks :) There is a never ending list on etsy, I seriously haven't even scraped the surface sooo Ill be posting up some more soon!

Hope you have a super Tuesday :)


Veronica Grace


  1. I love the mug cozy :D I think I have the same one favorited on Etsy!

  2. Hey Grace - that cup cozy? I TOTALLY FOUND IT! I searched "coffee mug cozy" and the first results were by the same Etsian who made the one you featured. Here ya go, girl!

    Taylor Lynn <3

  3. YAY!!!!!!! mNg: <3 Glad you love it girl! Im going to link back to it right now

    Taylor lynn: THANKS A MILLION GIRLY!!!!!!!!!! im going to go edit that right away jeje you saved me <3 jejeje

  4. No problem, I was glad to help! <3 <3 Hugs!

  5. That coffee cozy is adorable and those are some great finds Vernonica! Lucky for you... the sun must be nice. It seems to have deserted Ct for the time being. I know it will return... eventually! ;)