Friday, June 3, 2011


To cute to be true :)
Hey yall :) Today I'll be doing my feature on the fabulous Elizabeth M. Duquette From ElizabethMD on Etsy. Elizabeth has beautiful, funky, elegant jewelry in her fabulous shop! Here is a little about her and her amazing shop,

My name is Elizabeth and I currently living in Sarnia Ontario. This shop is my creative outlet to share my little vision of my love for fashion with the world! i have a very eclectic personality and a lot of various interests. i enjoy art, history and fashion immensely and love historically inspired costuming and reenactment garb. I have always been drawn to history especially of the ancient and medieval eras in time. I love the self expression of the Gothic subculture and am very happy to watch from the sidelines. I also enjoy fashion elements of the rockabilly and psychobilly subculture as well. i am obsessed with Bettie page and vintage pinup girls as well as vintage horror and films! i love old fashion and vintage decor.

Elizabeth loves to shop, daydream, write, create, research and explore! She also loves Japanese things or pretty much anything kawaii or inanimate that has a face on it! One thing that captured my eye in her shop are these beautiful heart and butterfly earrings which profit is being donated to Japan relief and animal rescue <3

Elizabeth says

“I am a very loving and sensitive person and pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve. i have a big heart for animals and nature and try to do my part in helping to preserve its beauty.”

I loved everything she had to say on her profile so I didnt want to leave anything out, here is another thing she has to say that made me smile!

“I love handmade and hand crafted objects and all the love and care that goes into making them! most of what i craft is stuff that i love myself (stemming from my various interests- mainly Gothic,Lolita, Victorian, shabby chic, kitschy, rockabilly, psychobilly and horror inspired items as well as cute kawaii Japanese goodies and retro/vintage items from the 50's) and hope that you will too! thank you so much for your interest in my creations! i have met and made so many wonderful friends and users through my crafting and design life and am so happy to be apart of such a wonderful community! thank you so much for your time and for buying handmade and supporting the arts!”

Here are some of my faves, (this was hard because I love everything in her store jeje)
HELLOOO is this cute or what??

I can picture myself wearing this jeje

these earrings are shoulder length!!!! LOVE


ElizabethMD also had a BLOG | TWITTER | FLICKR

I hope you all enjoyed this feature :) toodles for now 

Veronica grace <3


  1. Great interview Veronica! :) I LOVE those little flower earrings, so pretty. And she sounds like an interesting and genuine person. :)

  2. Great feature, Gracie! Butterflies and hearts - two of my favorite things. :) I <3 butterflies! LOL

  3. Thank you Mrs. Melinda :) Shes definitely a lovely lady <3

    Taylor lynn: jejeje i love both too :) butterflies symbolize so much to me and the fact that she donates the proceeds makes me even happier <3