Friday, June 10, 2011

Red pandas

Ive wanted to get highlights for the LONGEST time :) for some reason I couldn't bring myself to want blonde. . . I just don't think it would look good on dark hair sooooooo after having made my appt I didn't decide what color I wanted until I was in THE chair lol. I decided on getting red <3 <3 <3 <3

Im soooooo in love and so excited with it I decided to share a couple pics with yall :) sorry for the shadows I have no idea why my pictures have shadows, maybe its the lighting. . .

I thought red eyeshadow suited the new look :)

Also I've made a new little hat, im not sure if I should put eyes on it or not. My parents think its cute. . . and I loooove it! Id really like your input though jeje

Hope you all have a super duper fabulously awesome weekend <3

Toodles for now

Veronica grace <3


  1. Red is definitely a fun color, Jordan will love it! :) I LOVE that hat, and it would look really adorable with some little eyes! Those ears are too cute! :)

  2. OHMYGOSH!! I'm sooo jealous!!!! I've wanted highlights for as long as I can remember- but it would kinda be hard to do it with henna I think :( It looks fantastic on you!! I would have picked red too! :) Love the red eye shadow with it! <3

    And the hat is totally adorable!! I think you should definitely put eyes on it :D That would be amazing!! <3


  3. Nice highlights! Very vibrant. :) And that hat is very cute - eyes would probably look adorable, but it's also awesome without them. :) If you decide to put on eyes, I'd love to see pics!

  4. Gosh you are SO gorgeous! Love your new highlights and your make up <3

    Eyes on the hat could be cute but it's a choking hazard too.

  5. I love love love the red! It looks amazing with the rich dark color of your hair and adds just the right amount of pizazz (love that word and I don't think I use it enough... lol... but it perfectly describes your red highlights!)

  6. Thanks girlies! your guys are all so awesome! you had me blushin the whole way through!

    Mrs. Melinda :) Your so sweet, thank you so much! Ive already updated the panda thanks to all of your awesome input!

    Jordan: There is a henna my sister uses at a store called Lush and its bright bright red! Its called caca rouge!

    Taylor Lynn: Thanks girl!!!!!!! HUGSS

    mNg: aweee your extremely gorgeous girl and i think youd look super awesome with red highlights for sureee! and your so right about it being a choking hazard, sooo i used felt instead! ill be putting up pics soon!

    Sara:AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!! jejeje i love that word pizazz I think you should definitely use it more often jejeje LOVE IT!

    Elf renee: Thanx hun!