Tuesday, June 7, 2011

my rainy story

It was a cold rainy day in the small city of Cochabamba. The clothes needed washing but it was to rainy to do it by hand, so I decided to set out on the venture of learning how to use the small new machine.

As I gathered up all the clothes I felt a chill sweep up my arm. I decided to grab a jacket and sandals, but when I went to my room I found some dirty socks on the floor that distracted me. Instead of grabbing my jacket and shoes I grumbled picked up the socks and went on my way. As I went outside into the rain I slipped on the ceramic steps and fell halfway downstairs, instead of heading back up to grab my shoes I pushed the small ordeal out of my head and continued out on the small journey.

Finally having made it to the small unsheltered washing space completely soaked to the bone, I began pressing buttons but it wouldn't turn on. 
Completely annoyed I realized the crazy machine wasn't even plugged in! Slowly and surely I grabbed the cord and plugged it in, before I knew it electric blue waves were running up and into my arm. I began screaming hysterically trying to let go but the electricity had a strong hold on my hand!

The horrific moment felt as if it had lasted forever while the neighbor ran out screaming and begging me to let go! Finally as if an angel was with me my hand let loose. My life was saved, but alas a new memory and future story had been created. 

To Taylor Lynn who inspired me to tell the story of how I electrocuted myself washing clothes! LOL
Veronica grace <3


  1. Say what?! Oh my Gracie!!! Are you alright?

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! I'm so glad you're ok, and I'm pretty sure you'll never do that again. and why is your washing machine outside?

  3. LOL! maggie :) :) Im definitely ok now <3

    Mrs. Debbi! It was 3 years ago when i was visiting my aunt in Bolivia, all the wash rooms are outside... the landscape and structure of the houses are made like in Europe so everything is the complete opposite of the US!

  4. Lol... I love it!!! You're an amazing storyteller! and of course I'm happy that you're ok!! :)

  5. EEK! That's horrible! I'd have been FREAKING out. I'm glad you're okay!

    At least now, as traumatizing as it probably was (I know it'd be traumatizing for me!), you have a good story to tell... right? :) Silver lining!

  6. Sara: Thanks girlie jejeje its definitely a fun story to tell now <3 my dad picks on me every once in a while saying the elecricity did some permenent damagage lol

    Taylor Lynn: your sooooo right, i have a bittersweet relationship with washing machines now jejejeje if i could wash my clothes by hand here id do it in a heartbeat! jeje

  7. LOL Understandable, Gracie! I think anyone would have a bittersweet relationship with anything that sent a current of electricity through their arm. Yikes!

    Oh, and Sara's comment reminded me... I meant to tell you (before I got sidetracked by the story) that I thought you did a fabulous job composing that post! You've got writing talent, my friend! :D

  8. Holy Cow! I had no idea that was a true story as I was reading it! Now that I know you're okay though... it was pretty funny! Great storytelling Veronica! :)

  9. Taylor lynn: awee thanks girliee! ive always loved writing jejeje <3

    Mrs. Melinda: jejejeje thats awesome that you didnt think it was real :D my dad says im so dramatic, but it really happened just like that! im glad you enjoyed it though that makes me happy <3

  10. Ohmygosh! I agree with Mom (Simply Smitten ;), I didn't know it was a real story while I was reading it!!! Haha- so glad you're okay, and you are a great story teller :) <3 <3