Saturday, July 9, 2011

How green can you go...

Hey Yall! Hope your having an AwEsOmE weekend. I just finished reading another amazing post by the lovely Mrs. Melinda over at Inspiration Earth ~ A Journey of Simplicity, you have to check THIS post out it is seriously so amazing and has helped me make big choices and changes :)

Who knew there were so many uses for the amazing one and only BAKING SODA? WHAT!!! I used to mix it in with my shampoo once a week as a "clarifying shampoo" since my curly hair is unmanageable most of the time I use a lot of different natural oils and such to keep the curls intact so my scalp gets a little oily sometimes. It works wonders and makes my curls all bouncy and healthy :)

So its been really rainy this week, a couple neighborhoods around here have flooded. Soooo Ive had a ton of free time to take random pictures of Hannah and what not.

trying to cover her nakedness lol <3

Well Guys I'm not sure I have anything else to say right now LOL <3

I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL Sunday 

Veronica grace <3                                                                                                              


  1. I will have to read that about the baking soda, your daughter is cute!

  2. Its extremely interesting and Mrs. Melinda always has amazing posts <3

  3. Haha, I love Hannah's hair! And I actually just took a shower and used baking soda/water as shampoo... yay for green and simple! :D

  4. I just did the same Taylor! ;) Thanks so much Veronica, I'm glad you liked my post! It was long... but there's always so much that I want to say!! ;) My hair is so coarse and thick, I thought nothing could soften it up. Can you believe baking soda did it? Crazy!! Anyway, love that photo of Hannah! I couldn't watch the video though... said "private". :(

  5. @Mrs. Smith: Thank youuu :) shes a cutie for sure jeje <3

    @Taylor Lynn: I NEED to try it for sure, i just washed my hair but maybe tomorrow :) I cant wait to try it!

    @Mrs. Melinda: THANK YOU so much for sharing jeje! my hair is extremely course because its so curly, and it drys easily so i cant wait to try these awesome tips. I wonder why it says private. Thats so strange!!!!!!

  6. Oh I'm lovin' the video! Hannah is super cute :D

  7. ha, I tried the baking soda shampoo and apple cider vinegar conditioner today, too! and I'm extremely pleased with the results... my hair is sooo soft!
    Hannah is super cute, but I can't watch the video... like Melinda wrote, it says that it is private.

  8. ISNT IT THE GREATEST! i just washed my hair with it and conditioned also, its sooooo unbelievably soft! Im so excited about using this from now on <3 I wish i knew why it says private... thats pretty annoying!