Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Autumn lovin

OOOO I love fall/autumn it is my favorite season (along with winter) so I try and make sure I enjoy it to the fullest. I've found some things which have inspired me to fall in love with autumn even more than I already do teehee! Here are a few of my fall things right now...

Dont you just love this banner

autumn purse galore

so beautiful
this stuff smells o so yummy <3

I loooooove candy corn
These are just a few things on my autumn lovin list, I have some fun recipies I'll have to share with y'all soon :)

Happy wednesday

Gracie <3                         (1-2-3-4-5)


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the banner and the candy corns:)

  2. I love your fall collection :) It's my most favorite time of the year!

  3. Autumn is my favorite time of year as well and I think I am going to need one of those purses.
    Everyday Inspired

  4. Autumn is definitely awesome - I was upset that summer was ending, but then fall weather came and I was like, "Ah... I forgot how great autumn is!" :D

    And what great finds; the banner is definitely cute, and I LOVE the adorable dresses!!!

  5. Ooo- how pretty :) Yeah- mothernature gave us a few days of summer again! Haha, sunny and in the 80's for a few days now :) It's gorgeous! ♥