Saturday, October 8, 2011

heaters, sweet treats and a birdcage

Sorry for not keeping up with comments and blog posts, I think I'm finally getting used to the move and getting back into to my routine. One thing I've been doing more of lately is swimming, our new home has a pool and spa which I'm IN LOVE with jejeje

A problem I do have with it though are the freezing temps of the water, I probably get in the pool for 5 minutes and call it quits. So my dad came up with an awesome idea, we are going to install solar panels to heat the pool and spa YAY <3 I've been wanting to get solar panels for the longest time so this is extremely exciting for me!

An update on my room deco is that I finally found a birdcage *WOOT WOOT* Its painted gray so I'm going to be re-painting it a cream or white. I'm so excited about installing it sometime this week
and hopefully getting around to painting my room :)

On a completely different subject I recently ordered some samples and a vegan candy corn lip gloss from Sweet treat cosmetics (an indie company)  and I must say I'm head over heels with this company *THE AMAZING CANDY CORN LIPGLOSS) and the awesome customer service. She  also sent me 7 eyeshadow samples in fondant, blue raspberry, champagne, chocolate mousse, licorice, plum pudding and creamcicle. So far Ive done two makeup looks Ill post pictures below. Here is a picture of my order *sorry for the quality, I took it with my phone*

I had to tell you guys the candy corn lip gloss is "flavor of the week" and is on sale for 2.50$!!! Im going to pick up a few since they're limited edition :) She's also having a surprise grab bag sale to celebrate 500 fans :) I bought one but it hasn't gotten here yet, I cant wait to share it all with y'all!
Here is one look which I used fondant (glittery silver) with plum pudding (shimmery purple) and the candy corn lipgloss

and here is the second look with fondant, champagne, chocolate mousse and licorice (and candy corn lipsgloss :)
I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend <3 What kinds of things do you have planned for this awesome 3 day weekend?



  1. I hope you show pictures of your birdcage installed. I can't wait to see it. Your eye shadow is amazing.
    Everyday Inspired

  2. That's awesome about the inside solar panels!! ♥ Ours are finally up on our roof (garage and house)- now they just have to get them running :)

    I'm sure the bird house will be amazing! I'm gonna want to make one! ;D
    Can't wait to see pics!! ♥

    Love the new makeup! :) The second look is my favorite with the gorgeous blue! ♥

    Let see- I know it's not the weekend anymore- but tomorrow in the afternoon we'll be heading over to my aunt's to FINALLY meet my new baby cousin, Bryce!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!! He's 2 weeks old (as of yesterday) and I haven't met him yet :( And then tomorrow night there's a Halloween party at my friend, Val's house! Taylor's gonna take loads of pics I'm sure! :) I'm dressin' up as a hippie- it's amazing! ♥ I could totally dress like this every day... oh wait- I do! ;) Haha, Friday into Sat. we slept over my grampa’s with my cousins! It was AMAZING! ♥♥♥♥ And today we took school off :) Which is good- I have a lot to do ;)