Wednesday, November 16, 2011

this weeks etsy finds

I've had to wake up very early every morning this week to make it to my yoga and stretch classes so I definitely felt chills with the weather getting down in the 40's... So this weeks theme are colors that remind me of WINTER!!! Enjoy these awesome shops and features... Before going on I'd like to share something I read today that holds so much truth and wanted to share with y'all

In the next couple weeks when you're sifting through the Black Friday Ads for the big box stores, don't forget to think about us small handmade businesses willing and wanting to give you an amazing experience during that big weekend. The big stores don't care if you shop with them, but each one of us artisans eagerly waits to meet your needs. Think about the single mom of three kids staying up late to finish batches of soaps in hopes it'll buy this year's holiday gifts. Think about the college grad student trying to find time to make her jewelry in hopes that it will put food on the table next week. Think about that little kid excited to share his artwork in hopes that he'll help Mommy and Daddy make ends meet this year. To the big commercial stores, you're a dollar sign. To artisans, you make a difference in our lives. This holiday season, spread the love and shop handmade. - ♥ Cat

Starting off this week I found this beautiful ring at Irith's gorgeous shop Riorita, The depth of color here speaks to me... The kyanite stone is known for its
powerful energy and not to mention stunning beauty, while it used to be sold as only a piece of jewelry it is now said that the longer you keep the stone within your aura the better, You can find it HERE
Next I found this gorgeous pair of pearl and aquamarine earrings from CK silver, Aqua marine is considered to be the stone of courage and serenity!!! I love the cool feeling it gives combined with the pearls. You can find them HERE

Our third spot is the lovely Danielle's shop ChickyD's. This bows colors remind me of the cold snowy days I loved so much in North Carolina the dark blue sky and tree bark were the only things with color after the snow fell :) Isn't it gorgeous??? 
You can find it HERE

Last but not least is this gorgeous off white with blue rug by Ellen and her shop GMaEllen crochet, I admire the lovely handiwork put into it. I would never have patience to create something so gorgeous LOL... The combination of the two colors are simply extravagant, I can picture a frozen lake with snow falling and sipping hot chocolate while digging my toes into such a lovely rug *sigh*  You can find it HERE
I hope you enjoyed this weeks BEST team feature and etsy finds <3 If you'd like your shop featured and could use some more exposure stop by, we love new faces and meeting lovely crafters like yourself.



  1. I love your personal approach! Beautifully written! Thank you so much!

  2. Fabulous! Such heartfelt sentiments!

  3. Great feature! Thank you so much :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the paragraph about buying handmade! Yay! Sure says love a whole heck of a lot more than picking something up at a Black Friday sale! And beautiful finds from our BesTeam teamies. Thanks!

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  5. I agree with Annie, we need to encourage shopping at small businesses. and this is a great and fun feature.
    - ourhometoyours

  6. It's been kind of chilly here, too... winter is definitely on its way! Which is kind of nice. I like the snow and the coziness of being warm inside as you look out at the cold weather. I also like how cozy it feels when it gets dark at 4:30-5:00 and you're warm and settled in inside. :) Plus there's Christmas, of course! And it's so true about buying holiday gifts from small businesses... it means a lot to small business owners to get a sale. :) Great Etsy finds - I love the background info on kyanite and aquamarine! :)

  7. I liked your encouraging message about buying handmade and making a difference in someones life. Great feature.