Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Have you ever experienced that wonderful feeling of re-uniting with a long lost friend and having no difficulty picking up exactly where you left off?

I still consider this feeling one of my favorites, It shows that against all odds you are able to make it seem as though no time has gone by at all. I have often times felt this way when seeing family members and expected to feel the same way once when re-uniting with a very close friend. 

I was shocked to be greeted in complete and utter silence, the only thing we were both able to mutter up was a limp "hello".

What I'm trying to get across is the lesson I learned that day, there is one thing in life you can always count on.... CHANGE!!!

I fully expected everything to be the same when I got back but I quickly realized that everything had changed, when you find a real gem in a friend no matter what you're going through or how long you've gone without seeing them things will pick up where they left off. Sometimes they get better, but today I just realized again that change is something i will always be able to count on in my life.

So stay positive about things that come your way, and accept change as something you can always count on!!

XOXO, Gracie

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