Friday, July 1, 2011

The All Natural Face Review

Okay so as you all may or may not know when it comes to bath and body or makeup products I ALWAYS try to be eco-friendly and natural. There was a time when I didn't care about what I put on my face or body, those days are long gone because as time went on I realized how much I was harming myself by using "poison" on myself. You see it took one trip to the mall to figure this all out, I went to a store called LUSH and asked the sales lady what products they sold, she casually mentioned it was all natural bath and body products.

She showed me the labels and gave me a run down on how today people don't even realize what the put on their skin. After that I literally went home and threw out everything that had silicone's, parabens, alcohol and all the rest of those bad things I cant spell LOL Then one day when I was searching on etsy for a face wash (because unfortunately all of LUSH's face washes make me break out) I found this AMAZING store called The all natural face, and of course being the crazy person that I am I got totally distracted and bought her mineral  bronzers instead of a face wash! ! !

But Crystal (the owner) was sooooo sweet and sent me not 1 not 2 but 3 face wash samples which I LOVE! ! ! Here are some pictures of the awesome products I got which by the way are vegan <3 I shop more online now than I did before because its a lot more inexpensive... Which is another reason why I rapidly fell in love with TANF
you dont even know how much i loveeeeeeee these bronzers

I cant wait to buy a full size of this stuff!!!!

The face wash is called papayas and cream :) YUMMY!

Sooo I guess what im trying to say is I LOVE THE ALL NATURAL FACE! ! ! I cant wait to buy more goodies, she seriously has EVERYTHING in her store. Not only does she have an etsy store but she also has her own website.

The all natural face is also having an amazingly awesome 4th of July sale which I HAD to share with yall, Its a pick your own sale so here are your choices: THE COUPONS WORK ON HER WEBSITE! ! !

- Spend $20.00 and get a free tube of one of the new Frosted Lip Glosses.  Your choice of Frosted Berries or Frosted Bronze.  If you have a preference write it in the comments section or a random selection will be made.


- Spend $50.00 before shipping and get a $10.00 Gift Certificate Code for your NEXT purchase !  Gift Certificate Code will be emailed to you.


-SPEND $100.00 before shipping and get $20.00 OFF NOW !


 I hope yall will try it out sometime, and If you do let me know what you thought <3 BTW I thought I'd share my "scary face" with yall jejeje

Toodles for now

Veronica grace <3


  1. Cool! Congrats on going all natural, by the way. :) It's crazy how many poison chemicals are included in beauty products, isn't it?

  2. Thanks girl <3 My face and skin are so much happier now jejeje

  3. Yay for you!! It can be scary when you realize the toxic ingredients in beauty care products. There are really NO regulations in place concerning make-up and such, pretty unsettling. I'm glad you found a company you're comfortable with. :)

  4. This is awesome :) Yayy for throwing out everything ;D Hahaha, we did that with food and everything else we own(ed)!! One thing at a time ;)

    LOVE the scary face!!! Hahaha ;)


  5. I've been wanting to buy some foundation samples from them but I never did. Perhaps when I finally do I can try out their face washes too :)