Sunday, February 24, 2013

My life in 5 words

So It has honestly been a very very long time since I've written about whats going on in my life and what not, but I have a little more time on my hands now so I intend on getting back into blogging. Ive missed you all and your sweet comments very much, Ive often wondered how you all are :) Here is my life these days in 5 words...

Exciting, different, refreshing, free and complete.

Exciting because so many things have changed in my life in the past 9 months and it feels as though my life has been nothing short of a whirlwind. I graduated high school, started a new journey in cosmetology, had surgery on both of my legs, broke up with my fiance, turned 19 and found out what true love really means.

Different because the way I view life and my perspective on things have changed so much.

Refreshing because change brings new life and new growth.

Free because once you let go and let life take its course you realize all you have to do is go along for the ride.

Complete because I believe I've found my calling and true passion in life and true love.

I'm getting ready to graduate cosmetology school and have plans of opening a salon in the near future, Ive found that being in a salon and talking with people all day makes me feel great. Some people overlook the "behind the scenes" of being in the service industry. People come to you and often times confide in you about things they're going through and it feels amazing to uplift or encourage them and just make them forget there worries if just for a moment. Not to mention giving them some time to themselves to try and relax.

Long story short the doctors found out why I was having so much pain in my calves when I tried walking or working out and had to remove/release a tendon on each calf. During that time (September) my fiance showed a side to him I'd never seen and it opened my eyes to the future and I realized that what was happening needed to happen before I made a big mistake.

A friend of mine was constantly by my side to help me through the pain and recovery physically and internally after the surgery and breakup. It was so refreshing to have someone who never made me feel like I wasn't enough or didn't measure up to his expectations. Without realizing it my parents pointed out one night how they had never seen me happier and it was then and there I realized I was in love. Once I opened my eyes I saw he (Jacob) felt the same way and from that day on we've been inseparable...

I'm sorry for such a wordy and long post :) it really felt amazing to write this all out though!!! Here are a couple pictures of these months :)

XOXO, Gracie

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  1. Wow--it sounds like a lot has been happening, but it seems like things are looking up for you, and I'm really glad to hear it!

    I'm so sorry to hear that things didn't work out with you and your fiance, but so happy for you and Jacob. :) And as for graduation and cosmetology, that's so awesome! I wish you all the best with your salon. :)

    Welcome back to the blogosphere, Gracie--it's so good to hear from you! <3 HUGS!