Thursday, March 24, 2011

Live and Love

So just as I promised I'm here to show you a WONDERFUL gift I received in the mail yesterday from the amazing Mrs. Cathy at HeadPinWear. She noticed my strong love and passion for Turquoise and sent me the most BEAUTIFUL pair of African turquoise earrings.. YAY!!!!

So you can only imagine how excited ecstatic I was, I took some pictures to show you her amazing jewelry skill, I looove her shop. You all have to check it out sometime ;) 

I must say it again, and again, and again jeje Thank you so so much Mrs. Cathy for the wonderful gift :) I absolutely <3 it!

I also want to take this opportunity to share this little song (which im sure you all know) that has helped cheer me up a lot lately!!! I loved this song from the very first time i heard it. I think it was a singing fish that my dad's friend had in his office jejeje. Well toodles for now and remember....


  1. That's a gorgeous pair of earrings :) They look great on you too!

  2. Thank you both so much, Im telling you that lady has the most gorgeous jewelry ever jeje <3

  3. Aw Cathy is sooo sweet! and talented! The earrings are gorgeous and so are you :)

  4. Thank you sara <3 She is incredibly talented... <3 <3 <3

  5. Lets see how many typos I make, I cannot wake up this morning! Not only does working in the rain make you drenched, it really kicks your butt physically!

    I am so pleased you like your earrings!
    They look FABULOUS on you!
    Have a great day :)

  6. Yay, how fun! Isn't getting the mail so exciting? ;)

  7. Hey there,

    Lovely blog :D

    I'm just spreading the word that I'm having a little vintage and handmade giveaway over on my blog which I have extended until tonight so please pop over and enter!


  8. I like a lot your earrings, are so cute!!

  9. cute earings!
    i think it's the most universal songs to cheer up your mood ;)


  10. aw they're pretty, and they really suit you!

  11. Ha ha. I haven't heard that song on YEARS! Love it.

  12. I know right? i loooove this song!