Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bitter sweet bitterness?

I recently started working on a hair bow that is pink with a couple different shades of green, and as I began looking for what to name it  and the only thing that came to mind was "bitter sweet". I dislike it because who wants a bow called bitter sweet, but I also liked it because its unique and I don't know a lot of hair bows out there with that name. So pretty much the outcome of my decision was also bittersweet. sheesh *_*

Those of you that also make handmade creations and have the opportunity to name them, I hope you have an easier time with it than I do!!!  It usually depends on what I'm working on, the Valentines collection I did this year was a piece of cake :) I had so much fun with those... I haven't sold them all yet so if you want to check them out they are still available. I'm trying to get rid of them to bring in new items. If you do decide to buy them use the coupon code VAL11 for 15% off  your purchase. YAY

So back to my bittersweet problem, ill post a photo of the bow on here when i finish it up so you can all tell me what name you think suits it best :) Thanks again loviess... Toodles for now

Photo 1, 2


  1. I think "Bitter Sweet" is a creative name! And hey, if that's what it makes you think of, why not?!

  2. I actually really like the name bittersweet! not only do I like the word, it's really unique and i don't know of any other bows by that name, which makes it even better! I struggle with names for my paintings though, so I understand... sometimes I change the name several times until I get it right.

  3. I'm the same with the photos I sell, Sara- sometimes I'll have a great name already created, but then other times I don't, and I have to go back and fix it later on... LOL!