Monday, March 21, 2011

Blabbering :)

I usually have a whole topic or idea planned out before I blog, but this time I'd like to seperate some time to share some amazing giveaways that a couple of my favorite blogs are hosting (YAY) So you can all have a dandy time winning wonderful things jaja <3

One of my favorite blogs which you have all seen me mention once or twice is ForestFaery who has amazing photographs, and gorgeous friendship bracelets in her etsy shop.  She is having a Fabulous Spring Giveaway which has many a goodies in store... So run on over there and join in!!!

Friendship Bracelets for Japan

Another amazing blog friend of mine Headpinwear is having a fabulous giveaway which you must checkout because its ending on the 26th of this month :) woopieee! She has the most beautiful Jewelry ever (seriously) in her etsy shop. So Hop in in there and take a peek or two, You'll be happy you did <3 


As you well know I'm CRAZY about turquoise, this is one of my faves in her store :) YAY

These are the two major giveaways that I can think of at the moment... If I see any other awesome one's I will let you all know :) Until then toodles for now!

Enjoy these awesome giveaways!


  1. Thanks for posting my Give-a-Way!
    Least when you blabber you have something to say thats worthwhile :)
    Sometimes when I blabber, I shouldnt even be speaking, LOL.
    I know, a little humor for 3:40 am my time :)
    Have a good day, if I dont chat to you to tell you that this morning :)

  2. Thanks so much for "blabbering" about my giveaway! I appreciate it. :) I'd love to get a bunch of participants, and this is one possible way to. And thanks for entering, as well- good luck!

    Have a great day!

    Taylor Lynn <3