Thursday, March 3, 2011

Open your eyes

Today was a nice enough day to get outside and take a nice walk. To my delight all i had to do was open my eyes to see so much beauty around me. I never realized how much good the spring does to nature until now, I could literally see the tree branches dancing and birds singing in sync to one another.

One thing that utterly fascinated me were the woodpeckers, I never liked them until now. They work so diligently on making a simple hole in the side of a tree that i felt embarrassed about things in my life i don't persevere enough in. There is so much to learn from nature if you simply open your eyes :)

I took these pictures of things that spiked my curiosity on my walk. I hope you enjoy them...


  1. very nice pictures! i like 4th one down, it's fun playing with the aperture.

  2. I love pics #2 and #3! Nice job! Don't you love nature and spring?

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