Saturday, March 19, 2011

We love Japan...

First let me start off and thank everyone who commented on my last blog post :) All those comments made me smile something fierce!

Also I wanted to bring up a well known topic which everyone has been talking about... Japan :) My heart really goes out to those people. They have been through so much that I truly feel the need to reach out. Many other blogs and etsians I know are joining in as well... Forestfaery is one of them (go check out her amazing (friendship bracelets). I have also set up a listing in my etsy shop where 100% of the proceeds will go to Japan relief. you can check that out here. I call it the "bashful beanie",  I'm hoping to sell 10 of them, each beanie is 20 (shipping included) and if i sell all 10 that would be 200 for an amazing cause!!!

Please help out if you can, and if you cant post it on your facebook or twitter or if your feeling extremely excited go ahead and post it on your blog <3

Well I think thats all I have for today :) oooo I also had an artsy inspiration time with some pictures today... every once in a while I'll get excited with the editing... here they are <3

Toodles for now


  1. Happy to help! and how could I not? Its such a FABULOUS beanie. I am soooo happy I have one, and happier to have gotten to know you, well for as much as we can living hundreds of miles apart :)

  2. What an awesome thing you're doing :)

  3. I love the beanie! I will definitely repost this to try to help you reach your goal :)
    and lovely pictures!

  4. Thanks so much for the mention, and for your interest in my bracelets. :) Good luck selling all your beanies!

  5. I was looking for your Blog Button, so I could add it to my Blog. Its a box with yor name in it, and it takes you directly to your blog or Etsy Shop!
    I cannot tell you how to create one though, I dont have one myself!
    Hummmm, maybe Sara knows!