Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Packing up and moving away...

 I'm a bit sad these days because I'm getting ready for a move to Florida, I currently live in North Carolina... This is where I was raised, I'm a Carolina girl! The cold winters and blazing summers have grown on me big time... so here are a couple pictures of me goofing off (instead of packing) jeje <3

I also have some pretty amazing etsy products I've been meaning to snap pictures of to show you :) Lovely goodies from amazing shops <3

An amazing pink sugar tart from the lovely Tora candles!

To much blue/turquoise for my closet? I think not...

This is me showing you how frustrated packing makes me jaja <3

Yawning because packing is such HARD work!!!

THE MOST AMAZING PERFUME OILS from the one and only 13GypsiesPerfumery
The cutest bobby pin ever, from my the totally fabulous Gwiderella this was a gift from her :) THANK YOU SOO SOO MUCH HEIDI! I LOOOVE IT!

These are the earrings I purchased from Gwiderella, and that is the amazing bobby pin, and super cute box she sent me! YAY I sooo <3 this!
This is all I have for you right now, but stay tuned for some Amazing pictures of the most awesome gift I received from my favulous friend at HeadPinWear :) YAY

Toodles for now :)


  1. I'm glad you liked everything:) That will be an adjustment moving to Florida. My parents used to live there and I loved it because I loved going there. Why are you moving there? I hope your having a great day sweet girl!

  2. Yes i love it all to peices jeje :) I hope i can love it like that someday!

    Im moving because my dad is down there, and also because im hoping *fingers crossed* i get accepted into Embry riddle aeronautical university... even if i dont i think it's time for change :) jeje I hope your having a frantabluous day alsoo!!!

    P.s ill be back for more goodies, your store is irresistible jeje

  3. Your kidding, right?
    No, go ahead and show the world :)
    Awe, you kill me, and in this case its a good thing. I am flattered, and honored actually. AND very happy to know you want to show them here! YIPPEE

  4. BTW, even though your asleep, because your not on FB :(
    You make me smile, all the way to California. Your move, will promote, wisdom, strength, and character. It will be a good thing, because all of these above are GOOD THINGS!

  5. Hey gal! I hope you have a safe move :) All the best in whatever you hope to do in FL. If I ever make it back to the US, you should show me around FL :)

  6. Good luck with the move! I love that you took pictures instead of packing! I always put off packing, too. Moving is always sad and exciting at the same time... just think of all the new opportunities and adventures Florida has for you :)

  7. I hope things go well with the move... let us know what you think of FL! PS Love the turquoise closet. :)

  8. Mrs. Cathy! I just love em so much i have to show the world jejeje! Thank you for everything, your encouragement is sooo refreshing and much needed <3

    mNg: Thanks girl! If you come down here ill definitely show you around ;)

    Sara: I am no good at focusing jejeje i try to pack but every little thing distracts me! its terrible but funny at the same time...

    Taylor Lynn: Thanks girlie! Ill definitely keep you posted, (i just cant ever have enough turquoise) jeje <3

  9. Your blue colors are like my black and grey :)