Wednesday, August 17, 2011

eye candy and wedding wednesday :)

Im soooo ecstatic right now <3 I got some new business cards in the mail today to begin promoting my "new" shop on zibbet. I am extremely excited about these business cards because Ive ALWAYS wanted to buy some from this particular website which is MOO

My cards are 100% eco friendly and made out of 100% recycled material YAY and the awesomeness doesn't stop there, the thing that made me most happy was the fact that I can put my own pictures on the cards, I went safe this time and used only one picture for all the cards but next time I'm going to use different patterns and pictures for a better variety! The service was just excellent, unlike zazzle which lost my cards in transit not once but twice and never refunded me or sent me a replacement. I snapped some piccys for yall to see jeje I used the "robins nest" knitful dezign for all the cards...

I was really hesitant of trying something new since I've always used zazzle but It turns out I LOVE moo <3

As for the progress of the upcoming wedding I haven't done much, Ive been dress hunting and I can definitely say I found "the one" jeje YAY! I'd love to show you guys a picture BUT I run the risk of my fiance peeking LOL

Its not white but more of a champagne and taupe, It has flowers and tons of detail... so to say the least its not simple jejeje <3 Im thinking Ill share a picture with you guys after the first fitting which will be sometime in December I think YAY

Next wednesday I'll get into more jucy details like the save the date cards and invitations! ! !

Hope you all are having a Wonderful Wednesday <3

Veronica grace


  1. So glad you found your dress! That was fast:) I will have to check out the site love your business cards and I am going to need to order some. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Those business cards are adorable. When I am in need of some, I am defiantly going there for them. :-)

  3. nice designs on the cards. love that robin's nest.

  4. I love your new business cards :) Sucks that the other company didn't refund you when they lost your order twice.

  5. What cute business cards, Gracie, I love them! The robin's nest was a perfect choice to feature on the card. :)

    And your dress sounds lovely - I cannot WAIT to see it, you must be so excited! :D