Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sister sister :)

So Im EXTREMELY happy that my sister didn't work today, it gets pretty boring around here since im by myself all day. No other siblings to hang out with, BUT Hannah is a lot of fun for sure jeje! ANYWAYS My sister and I had a pretty awesome day, and we took a few fun pictures <3 

When a friend found out about the engagement she sent me some nail decals with mine and Bequer's name on them :) and it has two silver rings on it! THEY ARE SO CUTE
can you see our names?

We also went shoe shopping and I found the perfect pair of flats :) I snapped a quick pic for yall!
aren't they cute???
Overall it was a GREAT day :) I was so happy to get out of the house, I'm finally starting to kick the cold so this is AWESOME!! It took a little longer than usual because I decided to stay away from meds if possible YAY I'd have to say it took a lot of honey, lemons, bed rest, and sunggy clothes to make me better jeje

Hannah has also picked up a few things lately, she has decided to copy some of the faces I make in pictures! here are a few to give you some giggles

Hope you all had a fabulous day :)

Veronica grace <3


  1. oh my your niece is getting soo big and cute!! and those shoes are awesome!!!

  2. I KNOW! Its insane how fast time flys <3

  3. Goodness! Hannah is such a cute lil poser for pictures. I love them :D Can't see your new flats' picture though :(

  4. That looks like you had a great time with sis...

    Glad u are feeling better, I am like u and do not like taking cold medicine, so I ride mine out too!

  5. Wow so glad looks like fun love the shoes and she is adorable!!!!

  6. Looks like you had a fab day! I love those shoes!!!<3<3

  7. Wow, you and your sister look so similar! From a small distance away, you could be looking in a mirror. ;) I'm glad you guys had fun! :D

    Those nail decals are great - and the shoes are so cute! Jord's going to be jealous. ;)

    Okay, and those shots of you and Hannah? PRICELESS. Little kids are so great for laughs, aren't they?! My two year old cousin Ellamae was fantastic entertainment at my aunt's birthday party last night, playing with the neighbor's kitten and dancing around with us while we played a dance game on Wii. ;) I love kids!

  8. Maggie: POOP! i dont know why its not showing :(
    she really is a little poser jejeje its just so darn cute <3

    Sweetybird: I usually take meds but for some reason i just didnt want to this time and im glad i didnt because i feel "cleaner" inside LOL

    Lauren: Thanks girlie, i love the shoes too :)

    Kimmi: It was a TOTALLY fab day :)

  9. Taylor Lynn: KIDS ARE AMAZING jejeje i cant get enough of Hannah, she just comes us with the cutest little things :) AWE Your cousin sounds WAY to cute <3 You 'll have to post piccys YAY

    Yea i get that alot about my sister and I looking so alike jejeje its pretty strange but awesome at the same time... I think its pretty crazy we look so alike even with our 5 year age difference <3


  10. Looks like loads of fun! ♥ You and your sister look sooo much alike!

    Awww, I LOOOVE your new shoes! ♥ I want them so bad! And Hannah's faces are adorable! as are yours ;)


  11. O my goodness, i must be blind or something jejeje i never thought we looked so alike until now from reading all these comments <3 I looooove my shoes tooo LOL i found them on sale for only 9.99 WOAH! i always love a good sale, but i cant remember the name of the store :( im going to have to call my sis and ask her what shop it was at!