Monday, August 8, 2011

my pretty zombie galore

Ok so today when I checked the mail I literally squealed in delight to find a box FULL of MPZ goodies <3 Many of you already know how much I LOVE her colors so this was definitely the highlight of my day, The colors she sent me were unicorn pee, nacreous, the husbandry afflictions collection, miasma, epistaxis, annnnnnnnnnnnnnd the 3 shadows for the giveaway YAY and she sent me a finger, which I LOVE also jeje my niece Hannah took it away from me and I haven't seen it since LOL! I have some swatches and piccys for yall <3 ENJOY (this is a pretty picture heavy post)

The extra bright colors are foiled with pixie epoxy :)

Love love jeje
Can you guess what this is???
The husbandry afflictions collection (anthrax, hoof in mouth, mad cow) Is absolutely incredible!!! I think my camera does no justice to the colors so im going to have to beg my sister to do her "film and photo magic" on wednesday :) remember you can win 3 AWESOME color's from my giveaway here!

Are you in love with these colors? Check out more here! YAY 

Im so excited about all of these amazing colors and cant wait to so a little video look for yall :) That will be coming soon I promise...

Veronica grace <3


  1. I love these colors always fun to open makeup!

  2. Lauren: I wish my camera could have taken better shots jejeje the colors are extraordinary! Its like 5 colors in one shadow <3

  3. Mad Cow?! UNICORN PEE?!?!?! Okay, those titles are EPIC! xD

    And how fun: opening the mailbox to find a package for you is always exciting. ;) Especially when you LOVE the contents of the box, as you obviously do! :D

    Enjoy your new (awesomely named) makeup, Gracie! <3

  4. I KNOW RIGHT???? jejejeje i absolutely LOVE the names :) jejeje its to obvious that i love it right? LOL <3 HUGS

  5. LOL Maybe just a little obvious. xD Haha, no shame in being excited, though. ;D Hugs!

  6. Hahaha, the names are hilarious xD I guess she had to pick interesting names to along with her shop name (which is pretty cute, btw :)

    Glad you got a good mail day!! We don't get many around here... it's pretty ridiculous :P Junk mail, junk mail, junk mail… what a waste of paper ;)

    The colors are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I love them! ♥ Plus, they look great on you :) My favorites are the Unicorn Pee and Nacreous and Anthrax! ♥ lol


  7. I always love MPZ's eye shadows. They are amazing and Andrea is awesome too.

    Anthrax reminds me of mNg No. 1 and mNg No. 3 because it looks as if like you're wearing two colors when in fact it's just one. How cool right?

  8. Taylor Lynn: jeje i just cant help all the excitement of seeing glitter and amazing crazy colors jejeje <3

    Jordan: Aweeeeeeeeeeee Im thinking your going to have a pretty interesting mail day pretty soon here ;)


    Maggie: YOU KNOW IT! i just cant get enough jejeje MnG #2 is like my fave, i think i have a "thing" for cute colors with a green shift.. Or like maryjane is green with a pink shift.. I used maryjane and hangover yesterday and it came out SOOOOO good :) LOVE LOVE