Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Julep maven and MPZ

For a while I was getting the birch boxes and decided I was a bit tired of what they were sending, and after a bit of research I found something I'm absolutely LOVING! I found a monthly sub of some amazing polishes called julep, each bottle runs around 14$ but each month they send you 2 polishes and gift for 19$ which is WAY awesome! I'm extremely pleased with the way the polishes felt and for how long they lasted on my nails :) They sent me two colors, Miranda which is a adorable blue with almost a touch of green and Olivia which is a dark espresso type brown. I love Miranda like 10x better than Olivia so I ended up giving it to my mom jeje They also send me an exfoliating hand scrub which is AWESOME! here are a few piccys of the goodies and my nail "makeover"

Im really looking forward to what polishes they'll send me next month :) YIPEEE which reminds me, I wanted to show you all a fun makeup look I came up with by using hangover and maryjane from my favorite company ever My pretty zombie <3 Here are a few more pics

I hope yall have a great Tuesday <3

Veronica grace


  1. Ooh, I can see why you like Miranda - looks a lot like a turquoise-ish color to me! ;) It's very pretty. And it sounds like you got a good deal! I'm glad you're happy with the company you found! I love how the polishes are given human names, not names having to do with their colors. :)

    And I love the purple in the eyeshadow as well - great look, Gracie! :D

  2. This is so awesome! Man, I wish I subscribed to a magazine that sent me presents ;D

    Ohmygosh- the blue/green/teal[ish] is gorgeous! ♥ And the new eyeshadow look is awwweessomee!!! ☺