Friday, September 9, 2011

My fashion Friday

I always forget to post my outfits on "My style Monday" so I decided to do a fashion Friday instead jejeje Here is a picture of one of my favorite dresses, when I bought this dress (handmade on etsy)  it was a maxi but Im REALLY short so I decided to make it a "around the knees" dress...

I promised I would do some outfit posts so here is the very first :) Enjoy

I only got 1 picture but I'll try to get more soon :) with prettier backgrounds LOL

I also got some new glasses from Coastal contacts, I was wanting these glasses for the LONGEST time and when a sale came around I decided to get them YAY! They are gorgeous vintage inspired glasses from Derek Cardigan which I LOVE to pieces

YAY <3

I also have some awesome new things I added to the shop, I have a special sale going on to sort of "promote" the new line of bath and body knits now available... Use the code "CLEAN" to get 20% off anything in my etsy until Sunday at noon  :) here are some piccys

Well I hope yall have an awesome weekend :)


Veronica grace <3


  1. cute dress!
    and I love your new glasses :)

  2. What a cute dress, and your glasses are very cool! I like the new items you added to your shop, great colors. Have a great weekend!
    Everyday Inspired

  3. That dress is so cute! Have a great weekend.

  4. Mrs. Cathy: Thank youuuu jejeje I love my new glasses too <3

    Additionsstyle: Thank you very much :) Im loving the new stuff also, its quite fun creating things isnt it?

    Lauren: AWEE thanks girliee <3 I hope you have a great weekend too!

  5. That dress is adorable, and the glasses look wayyy cute.

    Sorry I haven't been around much, life got a bit hectic at work, but I should be back regularly now. <3

    Cannot wait to catch up on your life.


  6. Ooh, are those loofas you made? They're AWESOME! :D And the dress is adorable, isn't Etsy fantastic? :) I love that there are so many great things all in one place - and best of all, handmade! :D Plus, nice glasses - you look great in them! They look like something Jordan would love. :)


  7. Zara: Thanks girliee ive been pretty hectic too LOL so i need to do some serious blog runs too jeje

    Hope your doing well <3

    Taylor Lynn: Yepp they are the loofas i made jejejeje I LOVE THE DRESS jeje ill have to link her shop sometime, i totally forgot :) HUGS

  8. I love your dress, it looks so cute on you :)

  9. OHMYGOSH! I LOOOVE your dress!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥ You look soo adorable in it!

    Your new glasses are awesome- and your new items are so cute!


  10. Marina: Thanks hun!

    Jordan: jeje thanks girlie, I LOVE it too <3 jeje thanks for all the compliments. You have me blushing like crazy over here jejejeje HUGSS