Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Even though labor day was a while back I found some fun pictures I totally forgot to share with yall, that day my family and I went to downtown Tampa and then to the bay! We had a blast and my sister and I were able to snap some pictures.
my boots jeje

My sis and her hubby

I loved how these flowers were EVERYWHERE jeje
 when we got home my sister was like "lets take jumping pictures" I was thinking "really" we could have done it at the bay and it would have been a nicer background and more space than my room LOL either way it was fun. It reminded me of when I was cheerleader, too bad my parents were never at any of the games. It would have been fun to share some pictures with yall <3


Sorry my room was a TOTAL mess jejeje anyways Ill have to get some pictures of my sister jumping sometime, Its loads of fun trying to get your jump in at the right time LOL! I think I had to jump like 20 times just to get 2 "in the air" pictures jeje

I hope you guys are having fantastic Monday <3

Veronica grace


  1. Ooh, what fun! The bay looks lovely; I just love the ocean. :) And it looks like you had a blast with the jumping photos! We've taken a few of those with my cousins before; it can be tough to figure out the right time to snap the photo. ;)

    I'm glad you had a good time! Hugs! <3