Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcoming fall

Today a miracle happened, I felt the first sign of fall here in FLORIDA! I literally felt like crying since I had been so upset because I'll missing out on fall from my hometown. There was a soft cold breeze and absolutely no humidity. I celebrated by making a couple new things to share with yall <3 First up are some more felt bows which came from a little inspiration I got from this adorable outfit I created by putting some pictures together of an outfit I need (ok really really want) and second is a fall hat with three cute rosettes.

Which was inspired by some pieces I'm dying to purchase from Modcloth... (be proud of me, I made this entire little collage just for you) jejeje

you can find everything from my collage here: Dress, shoe1, shoe2, shoe3, handbag, ring

And of course since I felt a little fall this hat was designed to replicate everything that will be missed from my beautiful NC...

This post was so much fun to make <3 Ive decided I'll be doing outfit posts very soon, as you might have noticed I really do enjoy putting outfits together jejeje


Veronica grace


  1. I love that hat! and you're not missing too much here in sunny and HOT NC. The temps are going up in the high 80's (feels like 90's) and today we are taking the kids to a waterpark. But NC misses you too. :D

  2. Thanks Mrs. Debbi! jeje aweee I'm sure it will be as gorgeous as ever around mid September and beginnings of October. I always remember going to the homecoming football games at the high school and i being so crisp and chilly, i think those are the nights I'll miss the most :) O and waking up to see all different colored leaves falling off the tress jejeje

    You guys have loads of fun today <3 HUGS

  3. 1) YAYAYAYAYAY! I'm so happy that you got a taste of fall down there in Florida, Gracie, since you miss NC autumns so much! <3

    2) The colors of those bows are fantastic! They look so cozy and chocolate-y, with a lovely blue thrown in. AWE-SOME!

    3) And that hat just SCREAMS autumn!

    It looks like you've been busy creating, Gracie - I hope you've been having fun! :D Hugs!