Thursday, September 29, 2011

this weeks etsy finds

Hello lovies :) I had so much fun sharing with my "baby thoughts/etsy finds" last week I decided to do it again! I was browsing through some shops and here are a few things that caught my eye...

***beware there is some awesome turquoise eye candy that just might blow you away***

 O my goodness doesn't it just make you squeal in delight??? I'm a Kawaii lover so this ring (from ElizabethMD) was just popping out at me saying **BUY ME** jejeje you can find it HERE if your inner self talks to you as well
 This hand-bound turquoise embossed journal (from The orange windmill ) makes me so happy you all know how much I LOVE turquoise, this is going on my wish list for sure. You can find this gorgeous journal HERE
With Christmas practically around the corner I noticed one of my fave shops (Turquoise angels) had this extremely precious hair bow which caught my eye for one of my nieces... I have quite a few so I need to start shopping for them soon! You can find the bow HERE

I seriously could go on and on but I want to save some more for next weeks weekly finds :) I hope you all are having a fabulous week, I cant wait to be fully moved in so I can get back to blogging more often! Big hugs to you all <3


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY felt bows

Hello my doll faces <3 I have an awesome tutorial/DIY for yall today! I stopped by Perfectly sensible nonsense's blog and did a guest post for the lovely Taylor Lynn, I hope you all enjoy learning how to make my favorite little felt bows... the 4 you see in the pictures are actually up for sale in my shop if you are interested. Enjoy this fun post (I hope it doesn't overwhelm you to much with glee) jejeje


Veronica grace

early bird

Its 3:00 in the morning and I STILL CANT SLEEP! This is extremely odd for me because even though I consider myself a complete night owl 1 or 2 is like as late as I can stay up. Anyways It probably has a lot to do with missing my fiance, each day I find it harder to get him off my mind... I cant wait to see him again but seriously 1 year sounds so far away >_<

Something cool going on right now which I am extremely happy about is that we're finally moving YAY YAY YAY! I have to say living in an apartment is the horrendous, I have seen so many crazy things happen since living here that moving into a real house again is the best news I could have ever hoped for. Our new house is gorgeous, and I cant wait to take a million pictures for yall! It has a pool and everything WOOT WOOT

some Ideas I have running around in my head for my room are beyond amazing, Ill be painting my room pastel colors and creating a very vintage feel with super cute refurnished furniture and decorations. I even plan on creating my own pennant banner <3 here are a couple that Im absolutely IN LOVE with, they are also vintage inspired

I cant wait to share more fun ideas with yall, I also have a couple fun outfit posts coming up soon and later on today I'm guest blogging and sharing a fun DIY for the vintage classy felt bows which are actually in my etsy shop so stay tuned for that...

Gracie <3

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baby thoughts

Something that has been on my mind lately are BABIES!!! It seems that all my friends and family have or are welcoming precious little ones into there family. It had me thinking of my future and how exciting it'll be to have kids one day, so as I was strolling (window shopping) in a couple of my teams etsy shops I saw a couple super cute items that reminded me of.... babies! LOL

From empty on the inside these two cards caught my eye

From redemption art these cute little figurines

and from absolutely kismet this adorable heart just makes me smile and ties in all the baby thoughts I was having jejeje
Although I'm pretty sure It'll still be a while before I have kids daydreaming has taken up a bit of my time lately *SIGH*

What kinds of things do you daydream about??? Let me know below <3

Veronica grace

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Julep maven and MPZ

For a while I was getting the birch boxes and decided I was a bit tired of what they were sending, and after a bit of research I found something I'm absolutely LOVING! I found a monthly sub of some amazing polishes called julep, each bottle runs around 14$ but each month they send you 2 polishes and gift for 19$ which is WAY awesome! I'm extremely pleased with the way the polishes felt and for how long they lasted on my nails :) They sent me two colors, Miranda which is a adorable blue with almost a touch of green and Olivia which is a dark espresso type brown. I love Miranda like 10x better than Olivia so I ended up giving it to my mom jeje They also send me an exfoliating hand scrub which is AWESOME! here are a few piccys of the goodies and my nail "makeover"

Im really looking forward to what polishes they'll send me next month :) YIPEEE which reminds me, I wanted to show you all a fun makeup look I came up with by using hangover and maryjane from my favorite company ever My pretty zombie <3 Here are a few more pics

I hope yall have a great Tuesday <3

Veronica grace


Even though labor day was a while back I found some fun pictures I totally forgot to share with yall, that day my family and I went to downtown Tampa and then to the bay! We had a blast and my sister and I were able to snap some pictures.
my boots jeje

My sis and her hubby

I loved how these flowers were EVERYWHERE jeje
 when we got home my sister was like "lets take jumping pictures" I was thinking "really" we could have done it at the bay and it would have been a nicer background and more space than my room LOL either way it was fun. It reminded me of when I was cheerleader, too bad my parents were never at any of the games. It would have been fun to share some pictures with yall <3


Sorry my room was a TOTAL mess jejeje anyways Ill have to get some pictures of my sister jumping sometime, Its loads of fun trying to get your jump in at the right time LOL! I think I had to jump like 20 times just to get 2 "in the air" pictures jeje

I hope you guys are having fantastic Monday <3

Veronica grace

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday sale

Hey Loviess it's Thursday and Im having a fun sale over at Knitful Dezigns, pop on over to take a peek and get 30% off your entire purchase using the code "THNKFUL2" <3 Here are some new goodies if you haven't read some of my past posts.

Hope you all have an AMAZING Wednesday <3

Veronica grace

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what I wore and my wedding wednesday

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as often as I should! This week and last have been extremely tough for me, I found out that the wedding is now postponed until December of next year... Which means I might have to wait 1 more year before seeing him again. 3 years without seeing him is just breaking my heart, I dont remember the last time I hurt so much :( But who knows, I'm going to stay positive and hopefully I might be able to go down there just to vacay or maybe to live there a while and just enjoy being engaged! YAY

On the upside of what I've been doing lately, I had the chance to go thrifting and found a few vintage dresses with Ive altered and look SOOO adorable :) They were long maxi type dresses but since I'm pretty short I made them around knee length! I'm so pleased with how they came out, I even found a vintage blouse which I paired with my favorite flare pants and a cute brown leather belt. As for shoes I went with a bright red wedge <3 Nothing makes me happier than wearing a dress, but sometimes jeans can be somewhat of a "comfort thing" jejeje

I think my message to yall in this picture is "be comfortable in your skin" <3

Add caption

I hope yall are having a fabulous Wednesday <3


Veronica grace

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Turquoise Angels

You may have read my feature on the amazing etsy shop Turquoise angels or you may not have but I wanted to highlight a few new things they have which have just captured my interest lately <3  Her enchanting tutus and hair bow's bring back sweet memories of those carefree days I had as a child. They also make me wish I had a little girl to dress up and to spoil jeje <3

Here are a few of my new faves, don't be overwhelmed jejeje they are quite amazing!

Isnt this the cutest ever?

I remember having a similar bow when i was little, o the nostalgia!

Love these colors <3

This is soo gorgeous, it just popped out at me :)


This reminds me of strawberry and cream taffy <3 yumm

Now don't these pictures just make you squeal in delight? Turquoise angels also has a blog you can check out with AMAZING gorgeous girlish knick knacks <3


I hope you all enjoyed this awesome highlight on a great shop <3 Stop by and check it out soon

Veronica grace

Friday, September 9, 2011

My fashion Friday

I always forget to post my outfits on "My style Monday" so I decided to do a fashion Friday instead jejeje Here is a picture of one of my favorite dresses, when I bought this dress (handmade on etsy)  it was a maxi but Im REALLY short so I decided to make it a "around the knees" dress...

I promised I would do some outfit posts so here is the very first :) Enjoy

I only got 1 picture but I'll try to get more soon :) with prettier backgrounds LOL

I also got some new glasses from Coastal contacts, I was wanting these glasses for the LONGEST time and when a sale came around I decided to get them YAY! They are gorgeous vintage inspired glasses from Derek Cardigan which I LOVE to pieces

YAY <3

I also have some awesome new things I added to the shop, I have a special sale going on to sort of "promote" the new line of bath and body knits now available... Use the code "CLEAN" to get 20% off anything in my etsy until Sunday at noon  :) here are some piccys

Well I hope yall have an awesome weekend :)


Veronica grace <3

Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcoming fall

Today a miracle happened, I felt the first sign of fall here in FLORIDA! I literally felt like crying since I had been so upset because I'll missing out on fall from my hometown. There was a soft cold breeze and absolutely no humidity. I celebrated by making a couple new things to share with yall <3 First up are some more felt bows which came from a little inspiration I got from this adorable outfit I created by putting some pictures together of an outfit I need (ok really really want) and second is a fall hat with three cute rosettes.

Which was inspired by some pieces I'm dying to purchase from Modcloth... (be proud of me, I made this entire little collage just for you) jejeje

you can find everything from my collage here: Dress, shoe1, shoe2, shoe3, handbag, ring

And of course since I felt a little fall this hat was designed to replicate everything that will be missed from my beautiful NC...

This post was so much fun to make <3 Ive decided I'll be doing outfit posts very soon, as you might have noticed I really do enjoy putting outfits together jejeje


Veronica grace