Monday, August 29, 2011

little love letter

Hellooo all <3 Im sorry I havent been doing a very good job at replying to comments and commenting on your lovely blogs, my head has been in a million different places these last couple of days :)

I just wanted to check in and see how yall are doing after the hurricane! I hope you all made it through safe and sound <3 Sending you my love and big hugs

Stay safe XOXO

Veronica grace

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Ok so before letting you all know who won Im going to share the "choosing process" LOL sorry to torture yall <3 dont be mad. . . jeje

At 6.00 in the morning I began cutting some cute pink slips, wrote down each and every name and put them all in my favorite hat :) here are some piccy's for fun

                                              YAY PINK SLIPS <3

                                           Right before putting them in the hat. . .

                                              Giving it a good toss. . .

                     Making a silly face while choosing a name (excuse the "i just woke up look")


Mrs. Melinda from Inspiration earth <3 YAY

Congratualtions Mrs. Melinda, I will be contacting you :)

Thanks again to everyone who participated LOVE YOU GUYS

Veronica grace <3


Hello Dolls <3

I'm having an early bird sale at my shop now until 12pm :) I need to raise some money to pay for a bill that has suddenly popped up. Use the code "EARLYBIRD" to get 40% off your entire purchase


Veronica grace <3

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

dreams to dream

Its 1:30 in the morning and I'm WIDE AWAKE. . . I don't know about you but when I was little I had tons of nightmares. I remember waking up crying and being able to run into my mom and dads bedroom and snuggle in the middle knowing that everything would be ok. Right now I cant run and hide or snuggle and relax, I haven't had a nightmare in the longest time and it just feels so strange.

I feel like a little girl but this time with nothing to make me feel better but to write it all down and hope it goes away. I think it makes it all worse that my fiance isn't here so I cant just call him or give him a hug >_<

I hate writing negative posts, usually I'm bubbly and full of positive energy but right now I feel miserable and out of place :(

I hope you all have peaceful and very sweet dreams <3


Veronica grace

Monday, August 22, 2011

30 day shred update

Hello lovely readers <3 So today is day 10 of the awesome 30 day shred and let me start off by saying I LOVE IT! I've begun to enjoy working out soo much that im doing the shred 2wice a day YAY

As of today Ive shredded 2 inches off of my waist, AWESOMENESS! I haven't weighed myself yet but all of my clothes is getting looser. . . my sister has been doing it with me and she is loving it also, we are pretty excited about the final results. I have a feeling I'll be fit for the wedding in no time!

When I started out a friend left a comment saying I would get addicted to working out and boy do I agree with her LOL Its unbelievable how much working out lightens the mood and just releases a ton of positive energy :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful day also

Veronica grace <3

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

eye candy and wedding wednesday :)

Im soooo ecstatic right now <3 I got some new business cards in the mail today to begin promoting my "new" shop on zibbet. I am extremely excited about these business cards because Ive ALWAYS wanted to buy some from this particular website which is MOO

My cards are 100% eco friendly and made out of 100% recycled material YAY and the awesomeness doesn't stop there, the thing that made me most happy was the fact that I can put my own pictures on the cards, I went safe this time and used only one picture for all the cards but next time I'm going to use different patterns and pictures for a better variety! The service was just excellent, unlike zazzle which lost my cards in transit not once but twice and never refunded me or sent me a replacement. I snapped some piccys for yall to see jeje I used the "robins nest" knitful dezign for all the cards...

I was really hesitant of trying something new since I've always used zazzle but It turns out I LOVE moo <3

As for the progress of the upcoming wedding I haven't done much, Ive been dress hunting and I can definitely say I found "the one" jeje YAY! I'd love to show you guys a picture BUT I run the risk of my fiance peeking LOL

Its not white but more of a champagne and taupe, It has flowers and tons of detail... so to say the least its not simple jejeje <3 Im thinking Ill share a picture with you guys after the first fitting which will be sometime in December I think YAY

Next wednesday I'll get into more jucy details like the save the date cards and invitations! ! !

Hope you all are having a Wonderful Wednesday <3

Veronica grace

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

like gypsies

Ever since we moved to Florida we've been staying in a tiny apt. so I'm pretty excited to let you all know that my family and I finally found a house YAY! ! ! ! I was really starting to miss the big spacious country home I grew up in, but now I'm actually excited were moving on. . . Its been 8 long months that everything has been in boxes and we have a storage where a ton of my books are hidden that I'm beginning to miss like crazy LOL

I cant wait to share some pictures and stuff with yall of the new house :) Its not in the country and it doesn't have a lot of land but I know eventually my parents will be able to turn it into a "home" rather than a new house. Its kind of bittersweet for me because I'm going to be moving to Bolivia in about 6 months and I don't want to get to attached to this new house LOL At least I know that I have somewhere to come back to when I decide to visit <3

Unfortunately since this is my laptop I don't have any pictures of my old house to show you, but when we get the "big comp" all hooked up again Ill write a post about my childhood home jeje YAY

I hope yall have a fantastic Tuesday :)

Veronica grace <3

Monday, August 15, 2011

Makeup Monday

Howdy my lovely bloggy peeps <3 Hope yall are having a fantastic Monday :) My sister, brother in law and I made you all a fun little makeup video using all My pretty zombie eye shadow's! ! ! Seriously guys if you love mineral makeup you will love Andreas shadows they are amazing <3 I used 4 colors in this video: Bride, Anthrax, Ava, and white lines Enjoy gals


Veronica grace

Sunday, August 14, 2011

30 days to a happier me!

I started a fun new fitness routine yesterday, Its called the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels. It consists of doing a 20 minute work out  every day for 30 days, you start off doing 10 days on each level so it gets more intense as the level increases :) WOOOOOOOOO I can already feel the pain LOL my legs feel like jello literally, and my arms GOSH I don't even want to go there jejeje

I'm pretty excited to see the results, I just hope I can stick through these 30 days... I keep hearing my sister and mom say "Gracie you have a wedding dress to fit into" LOL so my motivation level is really high :)

Hope you all had an AWESOME weekend :) Whats the most exciting thing you did this weekend?

Veronica grace <3

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Favorite product Friday

I've decided to share with yall a product every Friday that has been the highlight of my week. . . Its a new idea that sort of popped into my head but I'm willing to try it out so bear with me jejeje <3

This week my "favorite product" has literally saved me more than once from some crazy situations! And it issssssss Dr. Bronner's Castile soap (in peppermint) OMG OMG OMG that's about all that I can think of right now jejeje no but seriously this stuff is AMAZING. . . it has a MILLION uses and I'll share a few with yall

Number one: I tend to always get myself into problems pretty easily and usually it has something to with my appearance (more on this in the future LOL). This week I decided I would skip my usual hair mask of an avocado and extra virgin olive oil for virgin coconut oil and jojoba oil. . . That in and of itself is a recipe for disaster jeje to make it all worse I accidentally put it to much coconut oil, and I decided to sleep in it! So when I woke up I had to be somewhere and my regular shampoo bar wasn't getting the greasiness out and my hair sort of looked like this

BUT thankfully I remembered that I had a recipe for an awesome grease cutting shampoo when your hair needs extra bounce from being to greasy and it SAVED ME! LOL here is the recipe

* ½ cup water
* ½ cup Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap*
* 3 tbsp aloe vera gel
* 1 tsp jojoba or grapeseed oil

I whipped up a small batch of this and BOOM the grease came right out, then using my vinegar rinse my hair was photo ready LOL The coconut and jojoba did its job for sure though, my hair has never been softer!

Number two: I completely ran out of my favorite peppermint soap from the lovely Mrs. April (light of the moon) and didn't know what to do so I took my peppermint castile soap with me to the shower and only added like 4 drops of it to my loofah and it created the perfect amount of lather for a great bath :) It'll be excellent to hold me over until I can get more bar soap (which I prefer over liquid)

There are a million other amazing things you can do with DBCS which I will get to another time, but I wanted to share with yall how much im LOVING it right now more than ever jejeje YAY for non greasy healthy hair <3 

I was so happy I snapped a picture (this is my hair au-natural so forgive the poofiness LOL)

 Hope yall enjoyed my fave product of the week, have a FABULOUS Friday :)

Veronica grace <3

! FaVoRiTe !

Ok so the AMAZING Taylor lynn from Perfectly sensible nonsense awarded me the "Liebster" award

THANK YOU GIRLIE your the sweetest jejeje!!!

Its such an honor when I read this because when I first found her blog I was in awe and just LOVED reading her deep and enchanting topics. Not only is she an amazing writer she is a FABULOUS gal, always happy and always making me smile... So Thank you Taylor for always being so sweet ((HUGS)) and if you aren't already following her blog I think you should go check it out <3

The rules for this awesome award are the following:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the Blogger who gave it to you!

2. Reveal your top five picks, and leave them a comment telling them you've awarded them!

3. Copy and Paste the award to your own blog.

4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers!

5. And most of all...have Bloggity-Blog Fun!!!
Here are my 5 "favorites" although i do have many more jeje
Mrs. April from Light of the moon (she has amazing stuffs and is super loving)
Maggie from Im not skinny so what? (Love ya girliee)
Lauren from Life with Lauren  (she shares a fun variety of topics)
Zara from Eat, Shop, and be married (This lovely lady always has something to smile about)
Mrs. Cathy from Headpinwear ( So full of amazing ideas and sweet as can be)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sister sister :)

So Im EXTREMELY happy that my sister didn't work today, it gets pretty boring around here since im by myself all day. No other siblings to hang out with, BUT Hannah is a lot of fun for sure jeje! ANYWAYS My sister and I had a pretty awesome day, and we took a few fun pictures <3 

When a friend found out about the engagement she sent me some nail decals with mine and Bequer's name on them :) and it has two silver rings on it! THEY ARE SO CUTE
can you see our names?

We also went shoe shopping and I found the perfect pair of flats :) I snapped a quick pic for yall!
aren't they cute???
Overall it was a GREAT day :) I was so happy to get out of the house, I'm finally starting to kick the cold so this is AWESOME!! It took a little longer than usual because I decided to stay away from meds if possible YAY I'd have to say it took a lot of honey, lemons, bed rest, and sunggy clothes to make me better jeje

Hannah has also picked up a few things lately, she has decided to copy some of the faces I make in pictures! here are a few to give you some giggles

Hope you all had a fabulous day :)

Veronica grace <3

Monday, August 8, 2011

my pretty zombie galore

Ok so today when I checked the mail I literally squealed in delight to find a box FULL of MPZ goodies <3 Many of you already know how much I LOVE her colors so this was definitely the highlight of my day, The colors she sent me were unicorn pee, nacreous, the husbandry afflictions collection, miasma, epistaxis, annnnnnnnnnnnnnd the 3 shadows for the giveaway YAY and she sent me a finger, which I LOVE also jeje my niece Hannah took it away from me and I haven't seen it since LOL! I have some swatches and piccys for yall <3 ENJOY (this is a pretty picture heavy post)

The extra bright colors are foiled with pixie epoxy :)

Love love jeje
Can you guess what this is???
The husbandry afflictions collection (anthrax, hoof in mouth, mad cow) Is absolutely incredible!!! I think my camera does no justice to the colors so im going to have to beg my sister to do her "film and photo magic" on wednesday :) remember you can win 3 AWESOME color's from my giveaway here!

Are you in love with these colors? Check out more here! YAY 

Im so excited about all of these amazing colors and cant wait to so a little video look for yall :) That will be coming soon I promise...

Veronica grace <3

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday

There are so many things to be thankful for all week long :) But today im especially thankful for these things. . .

Unfortunately Ive been under the weather all week, I cant shake this cold no matter how hard I try! I'm thankful for a hot tea my mom makes with lemon and honey which is slowly but surely making me feel better again (THANKS MOMMY) jeje 

I'm also thankful for sweat pants and hoodies LOL which are cuddly and comfy when I get the chills and need some extra heat

I'm thankful for books that help me stay entertained while im in my bed trying to get better jejeje

I hope you all are having a wonderful thursday also

Veronica grace <3

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding wednesday

YAY! So today is the first of the "wedding wednesday's" Ill be sharing with yall <3

The first concept I wish to cover was the first thing that popped into my head when I began the planning. . . COLORS

The colors I've chosen for my wedding are "tan tan tannn" Champagne and Pink! ! ! I've found a couple inspirational photos which have given me many ideas for planning! I'm so beyond excited and cant wait to start buying things, LOL Ive been on a shopping high but haven't actually bought anything yet. Unfortunately weddings are INSANE expensive so I'm planning on doing a lot of DIY projects :) Ill be sharing each and everyone of them with you! Any way's back to what I was originally talking about, here are the inspiration boards

I LOVE this


I'm almost positive that my bouquet will look like this, this is almost the exact replica of my moms wedding bouquet <3
So just a short little post for today, I cant wait to start on the DIY's :) I have a little surprises up my sleeve I think you all will thoroughly enjoy


Veronica grace <3