Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Gift from the Heart (special guest)

Hey guys :) Today I have a very very special and gorgeous lady stepping in for me, Please welcome Mrs. Zara from Eat, Shop and be married! If you don't already follow her blog than your in for a real treat! It is definitely one blog worth reading <3 HUGS

I am so honored to be posting here today. Knitful Dezigns is one of my daily reads, and I love all the creativity that I find here. So after a great deal of contemplation as to a topic I decided I’d share a little DIY project.
I am a slight perfectionist, and maybe a little OCD, especially when it comes to giving the perfect gift. I honestly struggle so much with finding something perfect as a gift. I HATE giving gift cards, even know I love receiving them … hypocritical I know. I also hate giving random shirts, books and such. I always want my gifts to mean something, and to show how much I care about a person. This being said, my go to gifts are experiences such as photography lessons, a wine testing tour, concerts and short weekend trips (for the husband and myself).
However, usually giving experiences becomes a bit expensive… especially if you are a unemployed college student. So one of my closest and dearest friends had a birthday this past weekend, and I was at a loss of what to get her. I considered a spa day, a photography class (as she is an aspiring professional) and so on. But everything I looked at was very out of budget and I DO NOT like giving crappy gifts.
In short, instead of trying to find the perfect experience I decided to make her something that could help her along in her photography career and inspire her to keep going.
I made her this:

The painting was done with acrylics and the quote is my all-time favorite from Richard Bach.
I framed the painting with a double mat, and also added glass to protect it. The photo does not show the glass simply because it was too reflective, and did not photograph well.

I wrapped it in Christmas wrapping paper because I feel that birthdays should be celebrated like Christmas… or I might have completely ran out of birthday wrapping paper.
My friend said that she loved it, and I was very proud of the gift. I love that it was personal enough and had a message that she appreciated. It really does make me feel proud to know that just maybe this will help lighten her day when things aren’t looking so great.
Thank you so much V for having me over! You are amazing and I am so glad to have met you through the little blogosphere.


  1. What a great gift idea, Mrs. Zara! Special gifts are always fun... though there's nothing wrong with a giftcard or a bag full of books to me. ;) I love the painting idea, though!

  2. Isnt it gorgeous??? jejeje :) Im so happy you enjoyed her awesome post :)

  3. Thank you so much for having me over here! :-) You are awesome and so glad you liked the post!

  4. Awee!!!! THANK YOUUU for such an awesome post :)


  5. I love the gift, it came out beautifully! I always prefer homemade gifts to store-bought one, so much more personal! :)

  6. :) I also LOVE receiving homemade gifts, it just about the best feeling in the world :) I wish more people would try it out <3 <3

  7. This is such a great gift :) I'm happy that you gals are friends!

  8. What a gorgeous gift! You are so talented xoxo

  9. Maggie: I cant wait to try this sometime jejeje it really is cool :) I need you to guest blog sometime soon also!

    Adele: She is very talented, im so glad you enjoyed it <3