Friday, July 8, 2011


Hey guys <3 Its been a while since I've actually blogged jeje I hope you all have been doing well lately! Ive been working out A LOT so I haven't had as much time sitting with laptop jeje.

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL and very blessed 4th of July :) My family had a small homely bbq and sat on the balcony watching people shoot fireworks from their backyards. . . What did yall do?

Other than that my mom and I created a few fun goodies for the shop... Here they are!

An adult rosette collection

WTH! the pictures went all crazy on me, grrr....

Annnnnnnd a baby rosette

Last but not least the infamous COW HAT!!! this is the cutest hat so far I think

So sorry for the picture overload jeje, I hope you guys enjoyed the new goodies :) If your interested in getting any you can find them HERE <3

toodles for now

Veronica grace <3


  1. Awe thank you Mrs. Smith <3 I want to add some more colors so it can be a small collection like the adult set :)

  2. Hi, Gracie!

    All those creations are fantastic! I love the cow hat, it's ADORABLE. And the rosettes are so sweet! :D

    And I'm glad you and your family had a nice Independence Day... it sounds very relaxing. :)

    Taylor Lynn <3

  3. HEY TAYLOR LYNN! jeje awee im glad you like the cow hat, its definitely a new favorite around here ( i even found my dad wearing it one day LOL) it was definitely a relaxing day <3

  4. aw, I love your new collection! They're so pretty and the colors are all just gorgeous!
    and the cow hat... I freaking love it!! Seriously... that's probably the cutest hat I've ever seen!

    I'm happy you had a fabulous 4th! :)

  5. Awe thanks sara <3 <3 jeje my mom is the best at creating random animal patterns :) I couldn't do it without her!


  6. That baby rosette is adorable, but that cow hat is AWESOME!!! I have a feeling it won't be sticking around your shop for long... someone's gonna snatch that right up! Sounds like the perfect way to spend the holiday, I'm glad you had a wonderful day! :)

  7. Awee thank you Mrs. Melinda! ! ! sure hope it gets snatched up soon jeje my stock room is getting to full for all my knits and yarn jejeje

    I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend as well!

  8. The rosettes are absolutely cute. I also like the little moo moo hat!