Monday, July 25, 2011

End of the cleanse...

Ok so I didn't go as long as I would have liked on the master cleanse butttt I did get a great head start for my weight loss goal :) I completed day 7 and lost a total of. . .  10 POUNDS! ! ! DOUBLE YAY This has been the hardest cleanse because my house has been all of a sudden turned into a Bolivian restaurant! Its like everything and everyone turned on me when I decided to do the cleanse, If there is one thing you neeeeeeeeed to know about Bolivian cooking its that the smells are what grab you and make you hungry. My mom rarely cooks Bolivian comfort food since we've moved here but this week was something special every single day >_<

I felt like I was dying LOL I stayed in my room most of the time with orange peel in my nose to block out the mouth watering aromas. I am very proud of myself for being able to complete a week jeje Now im going to be on liquids for another week just to get my body slowly used to eating regular again.

One thing Ive decided to try which is HUGE for me is going Vegetarian. SAY WHAT! about 5 years ago this word wasn't even part of my vocabulary, but something in my diet needs to change if I'm going to maintain a healthy lifestyle andddddd *fit into my wedding dress* LOL

I might try doing the lemonade again in about 3 months or so, but for now I'll stick to fruit smoothies and soup LOL

Veronica grace <3

p.s I just dyed my hair black with henna YaY!!!!!!!! I'm loving the color and my slightly thinner face jejejejeje


  1. You look so pretty!!!!
    I'm going to start another fitness/health challege in August. You should join :-) Yes or yes?!

  2. Awee thanx girlie :) ABSOLUTELY YESS <3 id love to start a challenge, i need the extra boost jeje

  3. Good 4 you on the weight loss, are you exercising also????

  4. Im definitely doing exercise :) I go to the gym everyday <3 Its become a definite must for me!

  5. Congratulations, Gracie!!! What great news!!! You should definitely be proud of yourself. :D And YAYAYAYAYAYAY for deciding to go vegetarian! That's a big decision, but a great one. :) I hope it works great for you - and I'm sure Mom could pass along some awesome vegan recipes! ;)

    It sounds like a lot has been happening with you - I'm glad you've been blogging about it all! It's been cool to read (or in the case of your !AWESOME! smoky eye tutorial/guest post, watch ;D) all that's been going on with you. :) Engagement, vegetarianism, awesomeness... yay for you! :D Hugz!

  6. Good for you for sticking with your cleanse, You look great!
    Everyday Inspired

  7. Wow, that is an amazing amount of change ~ isn't life tremendous fun? :) Sorry, I tried not to giggle as I read all about your mom cooking up one delicious meal after another, a little bit like torture, right? Well, it did test your resolve, good for you getting through an entire week! I'll have to be sure to post more vegan recipes soon, once I get back on track! :) Oh, and Jordan's going to be so jealous ~ she's been itching to get at some black henna, but has yet to save up the money! Looks great on you! :)

  8. Wow- ten pounds is a lot!! ♥ Congrats! And I'm soooo proud of you for going a week on the diet ;) I don't know if I would have been able to... ;D

    Yayyy!!! yes, totally try vegetarianism! It's really not as bad as people make it out to be ;) And maybe you’ll even like it and stick with it!! :D

    Ohmygosh- I still can't rap my head around the fact that you're getting married xD Is it getting easier for you to!?!? lol

    You look gorgeous in this picture! Love it!!! ♥♥


  9. Taylor Lynn: Awe thanx girl :) it somehow helps to blog about it jejeje I cant wait to start on this new journey <3 Ill definitely be watching out for more of your moms AWESOME recipes, they are always sooo scrunptious YAY!!!!

    Valerie: Thanks girl!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mrs. Melinda: jejejeje life is pretty awesome :) I felt so rejuvenated after the cleanse, it definitely makes me listen to my body more... I cant wait to read up on more of your recipes soon DOUBLE YAY! I had to save up for the henna too and it definitely pays off, im so in love with it that now i dont see how i ever used real hair dye <3

    Jordan: <3 <3 Thanks girlie your so awesome, you always make me smile jejejeje i know sometimes i cant believe im getting married either! Its not much easier yet, it still rocks my world each morning jejejeje HUGSSSSSSSSSSS

    p.s i cant wait to see your new henna when you get it <3

  10. You look stunning! Now I wanna try your cleanse diet too. I need to lose lots of weight. Help!!!

  11. AWEEEEEEEEEE thanx maggie!!!!! Ill send you the recipe tonight <3 HUGS