Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A lush life...

Hey yall :) I know you've all heard me talk about LUSH before :) and if you haven't than this post will fill you in jejeje <3

So I was running really low on soap so I stopped by Lush to get a little to hold me over until I can try out some awesome new sites Ive found on Etsy. . . (more on that later) I picked up 3 different kinds of soap today. **Sexy Peel, Figs and leaves, and Ice Blue** Ive tried Figs and leaves before and I LOVE it. It literally had real fig and leaves in it which work as an amazing exfoliant. The Sexy peel is sooooo incredibly full of citrus which is so awesome, and the Ice blue is like peppermint and coconut goodness! I'm so pumped to use them now jeje

Here are some pictures of the soap haul <3
all three :)

I also got sidetracked and picked up a bath bomb (Mrs. Whippy), a bath melt (Happy blooming), and a solid Lotion bar (shimmy shimmy) with tonssssssssssss of glittery goodness! All three of these smell so amazing but my favorite is the shimmy shimmy bar, it sort of smells like a mix of strawberries and white chocolate YUM!

Mrs. Whippy bath bomb
Bath melt (3 uses)
Shimmy shimmy
The only problem with Lush is that when I buy it and take it home it magically dissipates! I snuck up to one of the culprits as she tried running away with all three bars of soap! I'm seriously going to have to create a stash or something...

sneaky Hannha. . . hmm

Sample of "the godmother"

The whole kaboodle...
Well I'm hoping I didn't bore you with this post jejeje I hope you all had a Fabulous Tuesday

Veronica grace <3


  1. That sounds like an awesome store and I love all of your new purchases!
    and your sneaky soap thief is absolutely adorable! The soaps sound amazing... Can you blame her?! :)

  2. It issss :) Im thinking about doing a giveaway soon and including some lush goodies <3

    jejeje shes definitely to cute to get mad at :) i cant help but smile and laugh when she trys to "steal" stuff LOL its the funniest thing :)

  3. @Kimmi: it is pretty awesome <3 let me know if you ever try any lush stuff :)

  4. Looks like you had a blast shopping! You can always tell when someone is super happy with a purchase... they blog all about it! :) Lol about Hannah ~ she wants to be just as awesome as her fabulous aunt! ;)

  5. The soaps sound yummy! Too bad we don't have Lush over here :P That picture of Hannah with your soap is super cute.

  6. I think lush online ships worldwide!!!! jejeje shes my sneaky little soap snatcher <3 LOL

  7. Mmm... everything looks so good! <3 Haha they look like candy ;D I bet they smell delicious too... :)
    This post is definitely not a bore... ;)


  8. I'm glad you had fun and found products you love! :D It looks like Hannah had just as much fun as you, too. ;) And it's nice to see an organic company...