Monday, July 11, 2011

My style monday :)

Hey yall :) So today was a pretty busy day, but I'm glad I got a million things done including a new hat a customer requested... meet the horse hat <3

When my mom and I first read that she wanted a horse we were like NO WAY! jaja It so far has been the hardest animal to re-create :) My mom being the genius that she is, came up with this one :) We both worked on this but she definitely came through when I thought I'd give up LOL

Apart from the horsey awesomness I linked up with the awesome Mrs. Lindsey for the fun My style monday :) Today though fashion did not prevail. My dad, sister and I have been working at the gym all day so this was my "stylish attire" LOL one of my dads old army shirts (YAY FOR LOOOOSE SHIRTS) and my favorite roxy workout tights <3 not very stylish but very comfy! forgive the horribly taken pictures. . . no one was around to help me take one jeje :) and I'm way to short for a mirror picture. . .

im so sad i cut my head off!

my dad and I after the last workout! can you tell? lol

 So I had a guilt free dessert today too YAY! a yummy bowl of fresh cut fruit and some plain non fat yogurt :) and thenn the unexpected happened. . . Hannah fell asleep in my dads arms! This is seriously the cutest thing ever... IT NEVER HAPPENS <3

I congratulate you if you made it through this whole post jejejeje <3 Have an awesome and peace filled ending to this super Monday :)

Veronica grace <3


  1. Thanks for linking up! Comfy - but cute :)

  2. Thanks so much for voting for me in the outfit comtest. It means a lot to me!!:):)
    ps. I just followed your awesome blog.<3

  3. Mrs. Lindsey :) Thank you :) your so sweet!!! Ill have to do a cuter outfit sometime jejeje

    Kimmi :) Your very welcome!!!! And thank you for following <3 I hope you enjoy what you find here jejeje <3

  4. Oh I just saw this post (Tuesday) I made it though, I think its great that your so close to your family and that you work out at the gym together, it makes working our better when you have motivation, I have been going to a gym for almost 8 years and I have made some great friends, and that keeps me going!

  5. Awee you made it jejeje :) i usually never find a post until the next day. im extremely slow when it come to that lol!

    It definitely helps when im with someone, im not sure why but its so much more motivating :) It really does make a huge difference <3

    Hope you have a blessed day!

  6. OHMIGOSH That horse hat is AMAZING! I love it, great job! And that outfit looks pretty comfy, good for a day where you're just relaxing at home. Or working out, either way. ;)

  7. Awe thanks girlieee!!!!!!!! Its definitely one of my go to outfits for whatever jejeje <3 I like it though, sometimes comfort just outweighs fashion jeje

  8. Agreed! Sometimes, comfort is just the way to go. :)

  9. That horse hat is seriously fantastic!! You guys did an amazing job! :) Love the workout ensemble, perfectly comfortable. Also great seeing a photo of your dad, I love to put faces to the names. And how lucky was he, having Hannah fall asleep in his arms... lovely. :) Great post!!

  10. <3 <3 <3 Thank you Mrs. Melinda :) jejejeje Its hard to snap a pic with my dad, its only a once in a while thing jejeje!

    Ooo yes he was very lucky jeje i was so surprised to see she had fallen asleep :) it was so sweet <3

  11. Looks like Hannah is smiling in her sleep :D

  12. jejeje it does doesnt it??? awee this is a day to remember <3 <3 <3

  13. Love, love, love the horsy hat!!! I want one! ;D
    I'm sure she'll love it! You did an amazing job! <3

    Hahaha, nice workout outfit ;D Comfy is always the best :)


  14. Jordan: jejeje Im so glad you Love it :) Its definitely one of my new favorite designs jeje!! I owe my mom like ALL the credit for having come up with the pattern <3

    Its definitely comfy <3 I love it tonsss